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This is a cheap item to replace the blue buff - Mobile Legends

Almost every day I see in the mobile legends game players fight for the blue buff that you get when you kill the spiner monster in mobile legends. From just fighting over each other to get it until some of them even berate and sulk with afk.. do I smile to myself seeing players like this? ha ha ha

What is a blue buff? The blue buff is a buff where when a hero who manages to kill a spinner monster will get a coldown reduction buff of 20% and a mana cost of 50%.

Then how important is the blue buff? Yes, it is very important with this blue buff that your coldown skills will decrease and your mana will not run out even if you spam your skills to the enemy if your hero still gets the effect of the blue buff.

Is there a replacement item that is almost the same as the blue buff? Yes, the answer is yes, but no, it’s the same, it’s enough to replace your mana needs.

What item can replace the blue buff? This item is an item with a magic type, namely a magic necklace where this item is cheaply priced enough to cost 120 then your mana will increase by +10 every second.

If your hero needs a lot of mana, such as heroes like karina, zilong, akai, tigreal etc. then you can buy this item at the beginning of the game, at the start just buy this item, either 1 or 2 if you feel you lack mana.

This item is very effective in increasing your mana and as long as I try to use this magic necklace item the need for mana is more than enough and almost never skills cannot be used because of lack of mana.

So the magic necklace item is an item that is almost close to replacing the blue buff, so don’t fight for the blue buff if your team wants to afk wkwkwkkw… just buy this magic necklace item to replace the blue buff.

And remember to sell this magic necklance if your items are full because otherwise you won’t be able to buy new items even though you already have the money to buy them.

That’s the info on cheap items to replace blue buffs in mobile legends. Hopefully this info is useful for mobile legends players. If there is something wrong, please advise and criticize. The author is still a noob also playing mobile legends. 🙂

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