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The Most Popular Lightweight PC Online Games 2021 -

pc online games

Playing online games provides many benefits, such as making the mind fresher and avoiding stress. Currently online games can be played via mobile or also via PC. Some people are more comfortable playing games through a PC because of its large size and much more comfortable. It’s just that specifically for online games, most of the games released have a fairly large file size. Therefore some games can only be played with high spec PCs. If you play via a laptop or PC with low specs, there’s no need to worry because currently there are also many online PC games with light files. Although light, still the quality is not inferior to other games. Here we summarize some of the recommendations for you.

Among Us

Surely all gamers agree that Among US is called one of the best online games today. In recent months, this game has often gone viral on social media because it is played by many well-known gamers. This game is so captivating because it presents a mystery that can break friendships. The game is also quite simple. If your role is as an Impostor, then you must kill all Crewmates silently. Still, if your role is as Crewmates, then it is mandatory to find out who the Impostor is as soon as possible. Among US itself is very light in size, so even PCs under 2010 can still play it smoothly.

Rocket League

If you are a fan of online PC games with a sports theme, then Rocket League is highly recommended. Rocket league is actually a soccer match game. It’s just that it’s not people who play football here, but cars. Later you can use a car with rocket power, to play soccer in a closed field. The name is a soccer game, of course your mission is to score a goal against the opponent’s goal. There will be no foul or offside in this game. So you can play rough by destroying the opponent’s car to score goals. This Rocket League game is also very light, so you can play it on a PC or on a low-spec laptop.


Minecraft is a legendary game because it remains popular to this day. In 2021, Minecraft remains a favorite online game for many people. This game with a 3-dimensional grid display presents a very fun adventure. You can go on an adventure to explore the world of minecraft while finding treasures. Or you can also compete to beat Ender Dragon to get attractive prizes. In this game, you can also imagine building a dream house, a village, to building a palace. The Minecraft game itself is also very light, so it is suitable to be used as the online PC game of choice in 2021.

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