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The Latest No Recoil PUBG 1.6, Here's the Explanation -

No Recoil PUBG 1.6

Information about no recoil PUBG 1.6 most recently being sought after by gamers in this game. This is due to the release of the latest version 1.6 on September 14, 2021. PUBG is a very famous e-sport game in Indonesia. This game has a battle royale genre and also has the latest version of the application released by developer Tencent. The latest no recoil feature that is being sought after can also be directly enjoyed by you by updating the applications you have. If you can’t do it, you can follow several alternatives in using this feature, such as the full explanation below.

The Latest PUBG 1.6 No Recoil Feature Information

The update to the new PUBG version has succeeded in bringing up the no recoil feature. This feature is a bluff that pops back when the gun is firing very hard. You have to successfully control the recoil in order to get a very accurate shot. So that this information makes many players deliberately look for shortcuts so that by installing no recoil only they can control recoil. But it is very unfortunate because no recoil 16 has not been proven to really work. Because controlling recoil properly is certainly a pretty difficult thing to do.

Download the Latest Less No Recoil PUBG

If you are not a pro gamer. Of course you have to learn a lot in order to start trying to use config. Config less no recoil 1.6 can now be used in the PUBG version. In addition, you also see an opportunity even if you just want to try the newest features. There are 2 types of config less no recoil that you can download. Here are two of them:

  1. Download link for less recoil PUBG 1.6 64 bit.
  2. Download link for less recoil PUBG 1.6 32 bit.

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How to Use the Latest No Recoil PUBG 1.6

If you have the desire to download the no recoil feature from the link above, you can use it immediately. You can see some easy steps to use no recoil 1.6 as below.

  1. Your first step is to open the less recoil file that you have downloaded successfully.
  2. The second step you have to extract the file form because the shape is still a zip. During extraction, you will be asked to enter a password. So that you can enter the subreklah password.
  3. The third step, after extracting you can open the less recoil folder and also copy the files folder contained therein.
  4. The fourth step you can return to storage to enter the android folder on data then com.tencent.ig.
  5. Finally, you can press paste on the files folder that you copied earlier. So that later the installation process can run automatically until it is successfully installed.

That way, this process has worked so well that recoil has been installed in the app so you can try to use it.

Those are various explanations about No recoil PUBG 1.6 Newest. If you need it then the information on this page is perfect for you to understand. Because all the explanations are complete. Both from how to download and also how to use it. By successfully using this feature, of course, you can have very accurate shots. Making it easier for you to disable every opponent you will face in the PUBG game that you will play later.

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