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The Latest Indonesian Online Game Portal -

Indonesian online game portal

Advances in technology are getting higher and higher. One of the impacts of technological advances is the existence of a game. However, not all places can be used to download games. Of course it takes a website portal that can be used to download games. Every game portal has more than 100 million active users. Of course, this country also has a game portal that is often used to download games. So, so that you understand more about the game portal, this article will help you explain some recommendations for Indonesian online game portals.


The first best online gaming portal is Steam. Many people assume that the number of active users of this website has already reached 100 million users. Of course, the existence of one of these Indonesian online game portals can help PC game enthusiasts to update or download the game.

Currently the number of games owned by Steam is 30 thousand games. With so many titles, it is not surprising that the active users of this game portal are increasing day by day. Some examples of games that you can download are DOTA 2 and CS Go. Both gametes are indeed very popular among young people today.


Besides Steam, it turns out that EA Origin is also one of the game portals that has such a large number of active users. If you look at the data, it turns out that users from the EA Origin game portal have reached more than 30 million users.

Even though they are both game portals, it turns out that EA Origin does have its own differences compared to its rival, Steam. The difference lies in the original game from EA Origin. Some examples are like Battlefield, FIFA, and Mass Effect,

However, not all game titles on this game portal are from EA Origin. Because there are several games on the Steam game portal that you can find on the EA Origin game portal.

XBOX Store

Some people use xbox or pc as a medium to play games. However, if you have both media, you can use the game store portal to download various games.

In fact, you can easily integrate the same client for xbox or pc. Some games that you can get when using the XBOX Store are like Gears of Wars and State of Decay,

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Rockstar games

The last recommended game portal is rockstar games. Although there are several games made by Rockstar games that you can download using the Steam game portal. However, it would be better if you use the official digital store portal owned by Rockstar Game.

Some games made by Rockstar Games are like GTA and Red Dead Redemption.

Some of the recommendations for the Indonesian online game portals above you can use to download some of the games that are currently popular.

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