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The Latest Custom Action Chou ML 2021, Info and How to Get It -

Latest Custom Action Chou ML 2021

The Latest Custom Action Chou ML 2021 – Mobile Legend is now releasing the latest feature that is being talked about. The new feature released by this Moba game is Custom Action. The interesting thing in this new feature is that it can make the hero perform a certain movement in the ML game. Of course this is different from other features such as Battle Emote which can only issue emotes. You can use this action costume to mock, and also lure your opponent with a move. Of course this is very interesting to try, for those of you who want to try to play it, then see our article below with the topic of the discussion of the Latest Custom Action Chou ML 2021.

Know Latest Custom Action Chou ML 2021.

The latest custom with the name Custom Action is the latest taunting feature in the Mobile Legend game. This custom is very interesting to try because it can perform certain movements to mock the opponent. While the previous feature, namely Battle Emot, is very different because it only issues emotes. In addition to mocking the opponent through a movement, this custom action can also perform a special dance to divert the focus of the opponent’s attack. With its uniqueness, this feature is eagerly awaited by many players to be able to immediately play in the Mobile Legend game. Chou’s hero is the first hero that will be presented in this feature. The custom action he has can issue an action by accelerating his hand as a code to invite him to fight. You can do taunting when using Chou’s hero in real time in this game. Of course, after reading this information, you are curious about how to get a very interesting Custom Action. then find the answer below.

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How to get Latest Custom Action Chou ML 2021

The Top Up Prize is an event where Chou’s Custom Action is present. This event will be released on June 15, 2021. This event provides an opportunity for you to be able to get various prizes by top up. As for how much should be spent to do a top up? Of course, this is a question for many people. To top up you have to prepare 250 Diamond or equal to 120k. after you top up, the prize you will get is a Custom Action Emote Chou Mobile Legend. this event only lasts for 5 days starting from June 15 to June 19, 2021. So with a very limited time you have to make the most of it.

How to Use the Latest Chou ML Custom Action 2021

For those of you who want this Chou Custom Action, the first step is to do the settings first. The next step is for you to find the action menu by clicking Prep, then clicking effects, the last step is clicking action. When you are in the action menu, this custom action will appear. Then the next step click custom action, then click Use. After the setting is complete then you have successfully set up then you just play with this custom. Scroll down and find the icon that says “chat” after that you will find a custom action hero chou.

That’s the information we convey to fellow gamers about Latest Custom Action Chou ML 2021. For the latest news about other interesting games, you can see in our upcoming article.

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