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The Hardest GTA San Andreas Mission Tutorial, Get It Here -

GTA Mission Tutorial

For those of you who are looking for GTA mission tutorials the most difficult, here you will find the answer. Basically, the GTA San Andreas game is already widely known by the public, especially true gamers. The only underlying reason is that this game has been available since the Play Station 2 version. As if not wanting to miss the trend, Rockstar, who is the developer of this game, also provides it in the android version. With the android version, players can reminisce about this legendary game.

There is not much difference from the PS version and the mobile version. Everything is still fun if played to fill your free time. And in this game, you can still complete various interesting missions. Of course, these missions will not be easy for you to conquer because the game becomes more exciting. Curious what the mission is and how to complete it? here is a review GTA mission tutorials San Andreas is the hardest.

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There are many missions that you will find in GTA San Andreas mobile, both easy to do and even the most difficult. Based on the experiences and testimonies of the players of this game, the Stowaway mission is one of the most difficult to beat. For those of you who feel this too, then don’t worry because after you read this discussion you will be able to conquer it easily.

The stowaway mission is a mission where we will be asked to kill someone and blow up cargo at an airport. The difficulty you might face is when you kill the agent. In this case you have to choose a weapon that can kill from a distance. Even though in blowing up your cargo you will be threatened with failure because of being fired upon by the enemy, in fact you can do it quickly. After you enter the plane, immediately complete the main mission and immediately descend using a parachute.

For those of you fans of the GTA San Andreas game, of course you are familiar with this one mission. The main character you control must ride Smoke to shoot at the opposing gang on the train. It seemed impossible because the train was going so fast. To complete this mission, you will not be able to do it in one try. Apart from the fact that the train being chased was speeding, your partner Smoke is also not very good at aiming at the target. Because of the difficulty and so annoying of this scene, not a few people are looking for it GTA mission tutorials Big Smoke.

The next mission that is no less exciting is Robbing Uncle Sam. As the name suggests, you must commit theft in this one mission. To complete it, you must enter the military warehouse guarded by soldiers. Next, move 6 boxes containing weapons to the vehicle you are using to escape. And last but not least, after you move the boxes, you also have to protect Ryder. If your friend dies, the mission will be repeated from the beginning and you will be declared a failure.

Those were some GTA mission tutorials most difficult yet challenging to complete. How, interested in trying this mission? Immediately download the GTA Mobile game via your android smartphone and complete the mission. Don’t forget to make an application payment because this game is included in one of the paid android games.

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