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The First Gun Skin Mini UZI Free Fire, Here's How To Get It -

UZI's First Mini Gun Skin

First Gun Skin Mini UZI Free Fire – In the ff patch update at the beginning of last month, various new content has been added, ranging from features, bundles, to weapon skins. The UZI Mini weapon skin is a pretty interesting one in the patch update. The mini-weapon, had previously been in the game. But it was deleted and is now back again.

What makes this weapon interesting is that it is the first secondary to use SMG ammunition. That’s why most fans want to try the new weapon. Well, this time Garena ff also added First Gun Skin Mini UZI Free Fire. Related to this, this article will also explain how to get the gun skin.

First Gun Skin Mini UZI Free Fire

The Mini UZI is a weapon that belongs to the pistol category. For the first time, mini UZI will get its gun skin, Lethal Finstooth. The Lethal FINstooth gun skin has been available since July 17, 2021. The appearance of this new gun skin is very cool and quite unique. There is a unique motif, with a combination of a number of colors. The base color is purplish blue. On top of that, his stats were pretty good too. With range (+), Magazine (+), and Reload Speed ​​(-). Using this gun skin, will definitely make the use of the mini UZI more leverage.

How to Get the First Mini UZI Gun Skin

This UZI mini lethal finstooth gun skin can be obtained by buying a gun skin box token. The method is,

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  1. Login in the free fire game, then buy a gun skin box token, the price is 40 diamonds per box.
  2. One of the prizes in the token gun skin box is the lethal finstooth gun skin.
  3. If you’re lucky, by buying just one token, you can get the mini UZI gun skin.
  4. If you’re not lucky, you can buy more tokens until you get the gun skin you want.

This means it depends on the luck of each – each. For preparation, you should prepare a lot of diamonds beforehand.

Reasons to Have the First Mini UZI Gun Skin

Those of you who like to use the mini UZI should have this latest gun skin. There are a number of reasons why you should have this lethal finstooth gun skin.

  • It is the first gun skin of the UZI mini gun, this is one of the important reasons why it is necessary to have this skin. That is to be able to support the game to be more leverage when using mini UZI in clash squad.
  • In addition, the stats possessed by this skin gun are also quite good. That is able to increase the range and magazine. This makes the shooting range longer, as well as a larger number of magazines. Of course this will make the battle easier when using the mini UZI.
  • This gun skin is also unique and different from other types of gun skins in general. In general, gun skins can be obtained by buying loot crate weapons at the in-game shop. Then the skin trial will be available. However, this gun skin is different, there is no trial skin and the way to get it is to use a token gun skin box.

With all these reasons, it’s a shame if you missed this new gun skin. Well, that was an interesting explanation about First Gun Skin Mini UZI Free Fire complete with how to get it. Hopefully this explanation can be useful.

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