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The Easiest Way to Spam Gloo Wall FF, Here's the New Info -

How to Spam Gloo Wall

How to Spam Gloo Wall FF – In the free fire game there are many items that have certain functions. As an example of a weapon skin, this item is of course a function to issue attacks in battles against enemies. In addition to items to attack, there are those that function for defense. Such as vests, helmets, and the one that is currently being discussed, namely the gloo wall.

Gloo wall has recently become a hot topic in local survival circles. Currently there is also a gloo wall spam trend. In this regard, it will be explained in more detail about How to Spam Gloo Wall FF Easiest. What kind of info, check below.

Getting to know Gloo Wall in Free Fire

Before discussing the main topic, we will first explain what gloo wall items are in the FF game. Gloo wall is an item in the form of a grenade. When thrown this item will bring up a shield that can protect the user. So different from grenades in general which he uses to attack the enemy. This item is precisely to help protect. This item is certainly very useful when used to fight in open field areas where there is rarely a place to hide. So preparing these items as supplies will definitely be of great help.

The Easiest Way to Spam Gloo Wall FF

From the explanation above, it can be understood why many survivals use these items until the gloo wall spam trend appears. For those of you who want to spam the gloo wall and don’t know how. Take it easy, follow the instructions in the following points,

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  • The first step is to set the sensitivity, this is the main key that must be done. In doing this sensitivity setting change the general part to 100%. For other parts, it can be adjusted according to your own way.
  • Next is to understand the applicable settings. For that, it is necessary to learn the right settings and practice using the gloo wall. At first glance, installing a gloo wall is easy, but to be able to spam gloo wall, you need to understand more so that it can run smoothly. Don’t let the gloo wall spam you do actually give the enemy a gap to easily defeat you.
  • Next, collect a lot of gloo wall items. The name spam will certainly need a lot of items. So what needs to be done is to loot as many gloo walls as possible, but still don’t forget to loot weapons too.
  • Another way to get a gloo wall is to use Mr. pet. Waggor. This pet is able to give its owner 1 gloo wall. So it will be very helpful when spam. After doing all these steps, the last thing that needs to be done is hands-on practice.

Gloo Wall Spam Function in FF Games

Spam the gloo wall properly can provide many benefits for its users. Its function is to start from helping the defense to be stronger, to be able to outwit the enemy, to be able to run away, to be able to withstand a number of strong attacks, and to be used as an opportunity to launch a counterattack. Knowing all these functions, of course, makes survivors more interested in spam gloo wall.

Well, that was the explanation about How to Spam Gloo Wall FF The easiest, complete with functions. Good luck in the battle on the ff game. Until here, first article ff game tips this time. Hopefully this info can be useful for readers, see you soon.

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