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The easiest way to play COC for beginners is definitely fun, read here -

how to play COC for beginners

If you are new to the game Clash of Clans of course you will find out how to play COC for beginners the easiest so you can play with fun. The game Clash of Clans or commonly known as COC is a game that is in great demand from small children to adults. This game is a game that tells about the battle between groups in the barbarian era. So that in this game later you will be asked to act as a clan leader so that you must be able to build villages or create troops and even you must be able to set strategies to attack other villages in this game. So don’t be surprised if the COC game is more widely known as a game that is quite difficult for beginners. Because beginners are certainly not used to playing games that require this special strategy.

You don’t need to worry, because we will provide the easiest way that you can use to play the COC game well. Here are some ways that you can use as instructions to be able to play COC games easily.

Tips on How to Play COC Beginners:

  1. Provide a facebook or Gmail account

how to play COC for beginners the first is to provide a Facebook or Gmail account. The method is very easy because when players try to enter the COC game, they will immediately link their Gmail or Facebook accounts. So you can just click on the selected account that you feel is safe to use in this game. Linking a Facebook or Gmail account has the goal so that when your account is hacked, you can retrieve the game account via Facebook or Gmail that has been connected.

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  1. Must Follow COC Game Tutorial

is a beginner must follow the tutorial on this game. To make it easier for beginners to play the game, how come the game deliberately provides various guides for each player to learn easily. One of them is a game tutorial that is given to be learned by every beginner so that they can know the basics on how to play the COC game that is played.

  1. Following Builder

Builder in COC game is an important role. Because when you want to buy a Builder then you have to use gems to buy it. You have to keep gems to be able to buy Builders in this game. The first builder obtained by beginners can be obtained for free. But in the next Builder the player will be charged with gems from 250 to 2000. Each time the Builder increases then this will also make the price of Gems increase.

  1. Build a Castel And Join A Great Clan

The next way if the beginner already has better skills in the COC game. You will find Clan Castel which is useful to be able to save troops when your base or base is attacked. In addition, when you are attacking you can also call the troops in the Castel clan.

  1. Do Farming To Get Elixir, Gold, And Dark Elixir

Using farming tricks in COC games can also be done by beginners to get rich quick. Doing farming will also make you successful in getting dark elixir, elixir, and also gold which has uses to strengthen the base you have.

That’s variety how to play COC for beginners the easiest and most fun. By applying the various above, it will certainly make you more proficient when playing COC. One of the tips that you can use to grow faster in the COC game, of course, you have to fill in cash more often. Hopefully this information is useful and helps beginners who want to play COC games fun and exciting.

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