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The best build for Fischl in Genshin Impact

(Credit Image : miHoYo)

If you’re looking for a decent Genshin Impact Fischl building, you’ve come to the right place. Fischl’s full title—Prinzessin der Verurteilung—was a mouthful, and his combat skills were a handful for a Hilichurl or Slime stupid enough to cross his path. Then again, Slimes don’t really have hands. Anyway, move.

Fischl is an Electro warrior, exiled from the Immernachtreich and working with the Adventurer’s Guild as an investigator. He is aided in battle by his black raven Oz, and is one of the game’s most mysterious characters as well as one of its strongest Supporters. To help unravel the mystery, this guide goes through his various attacks, goes into how to get Fischl in Genshin Impact, and suggests the best way to manage it.

How to get Fischl in Genshin Impact

Fischl is a four-star character currently available in the Wanderlust Invocation Banner (which is a continuous running Banner) and the Sparkling Steps Promotional Banner, which is available for a limited time. He is also confirmed to be a free character in an upcoming event that will come after the 1.1 update rolls out on November 11.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on Fischl, your best bet is to wait until the 1.1 update for more details on how to get it for free. But if you insist on wishing for it, your best bet is the Wanderlust Invocation Banner—but only if none of the characters in the Sparkling Steps Banner are what you’re looking for as well.

Genshin Impact Fischl overview

The Fischl is a DPS fighter with serious Electro power. But as a bow user, he had to choose his position carefully. His normal attacks deal non-elemental damage, but his charging fire doesn’t deal Electro and can be aimed at certain weak points as well.

Fischl’s real ace is his bird sidekick, Oz. Since he causes AoE damage, you don’t want Fischl’s point of view to go too far. In the same way, getting too close was not an archer’s job. You need to find balance, while also learning how to combine his various abilities to keep Oz playing for as long as possible.

1) Normal attack : Falling Bolt

• Normal Attack : Fischl deals five consecutive non-elemental attacks.

• Loaded Attack : Fischl fills the moment shot with Electro damage.

• Plunge Attack : Fischl slams down, causing non-elemental AoE damage.

2) Elemental Skills : Nightrider

Fischl summons Oz, his trusted crow, who deals Electro damage in minor AoE. Oz will then fly around nearby enemies to attack them. Using the ability again while Oz is still present will recall the bird to Fischl’s side.

3) Elemental Burst : Midnight Phantasmagoria

Fischl and Oz become one, with the player now controlling a swooping bird, which gets a Speed ​​boost. Every enemy of Oz makes contact by taking Electro damage. After the Burst is complete, Oz remains in battle in his Nightrider form for 10 seconds.

(Credit Image : miHoYo)

4) Passive

• Star Predator : Hitting Oz with a fully charged Aimed Shot deals Electro AoE damage, equal to 152.7 percent of Aimed Shot’s regular damage.

• Lightning Smite : Every Electro elemental reaction that occurs when Oz is present causes Fischl’s Attack to deal an additional 80 percent electro damage.

• Mein Hausgarten : Fischl gets 25 percent reduced time for Mondstadt Expeditions.

5) Constellations

• Deep Gaze: Even when inactive, Oz adds 22 percent damage to Fischl’s hit targets.

• Devourer of all sins: Nightrider’s attack gets a 200 percent boost, with a 50 percent boost to AoE range.

• Nightmare Wings : Nightrider’s level increased by 3.

• His somber pilgrimage: Midnight Phantasmagoria deals 222 percent of Fischl’s Attack stat as Electro damage. Ending this attack also regenerates 20 percent of HP.

• Against flashlight : Midnight Phantasmagoria’s level increased by 3.

• Evernight Raven : Oz can stay in battle for two more seconds, dealing 30 percent of Fischl’s attacks as Electro damage when a party member attacks.

Genshin Impact Fischl build: Example setup

Fischl is probably the best as a Support fighter, being able to deal constant Electro damage through his abilities and Oz, while the rest of the party is better suited for a DPS role dealing with most of the battle. However, due to his access to multiple AoE attacks, fast fire arrows, and his ability to precisely aim his shots, he is also well equipped for crowd control and taking on tough bosses. Whether you see him as a supporting star or a utility DPS party member, this build will help you get the most out of him.

(Credit Image : miHoYo)

==== Support ====


Stringless : This bow brings out the power of Electro Fischl, and so does the obvious choice of playing Support. It increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by 24/30/36/42/48 percent, so being fully upgraded can make your entire party crackle with Electro power.


Thundering Fury : 2 parts: Increases electro damage by 15 percent. 4 parts: Reduces Nightrider’s cooldown by 1 second for each use in battle, and increases all damage caused by Overloaded, Superconduct, and Electro-Charged elemental combinations by 40 percent.

Instructor : 2 parts: Increases Elemental Mastery by 80 percent. Part 4: Increases Elemental Mastery for all party members by 120 percent for 8 seconds.

==== DPS ====


Compound Bow : This bow doesn’t provide the all-around Electro help from The Stringless, but rather makes Fischl an archer not to be confused with. With this, Normal Attack and Aimed Fire increase attack damage by 4 percent, with a 1.2 percent increase in speed for 6 seconds. This boost can stack up to 4 times, and has a cooldown of 0.3 seconds.


Gladiator’s Finale :2 part: Fischl’s attack increased by 18 percent. 4 parts: Offers a boost to Polearm, Sword, or Claymore fighters, but no boost to Fischl’s bow.

Berserker :2 part: Fischl’s Critical Rate increased by 12 percent. Part 4: Fischl’s Critical Rate increases by an additional 24 percent when his HP is below 70 percent.

To build up DPS, it’s better to have 2 parts of Final Gladiator and 2 parts of berserker, to get Critical attacks and combos, especially when 4 parts of Gladiator’s Finale boost are useless to Fischl.

(Credit: PCGAMER)

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