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The Advantages of Gloo Wall Free Fire, Apart from Protecting -

Advantages of Gloo Wall Free Fire

For gamers who play free fire, it is certainly important to know the advantages of gloo wall free fire. Gloo wall is one of the important items in battle that can be used to gain protection when playing Free fire games. usually free fire players use the gloo wall to successfully climb the mountain which is very difficult to reach in the game. Players can use how to stack gloo walls to successfully reach the roof of the target building. But this of course requires a large number of gloo walls.

In the free Fire game, you will certainly find lots of buildings whose tops are widely used by players to make hidden places. So the possibility of players to reach that part becomes difficult. however, the presence of a gloo wall can be the best solution in order to access the upper part of the building. one example is like at the top of the house which is in the middle of the Purgatory forge map area or the main factory building in Bermuda. But you need to know that the gloo wall has other advantages other than for shelter. Check out the full review below.

  1. distractor

Gloo wall in the free fire game also has the advantage of being a breaker in the free Fire game that you are playing. The trick is when you enter a close-range battle in the late game, which rarely has a gloo wall pile. You can open the gloo wall on the right to be a swindler. But you have to move in the opposite direction, which is to move to the left. That way, you can dodge attacks easily.

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  1. Entryway Access Cover

The advantages of gloo wall free fire The next step is that it can be used to close the access road. So this can be used to limit the enemy’s space in the free fire game. Because all access roads to enter either through doors or through windows can be closed using a gloo wall. But in using the gloo wall you have to pay attention to it.

  1. To Reach High Places

The advantages of gloo wall free fire can also be used to reach places or tall buildings in the free fire game. Although it requires a lot of gloo walls, but this method is very effective so that the enemy cannot reach your hiding place, of course.

Easy Steps to Use Gloo Wall Free Fire

  1. How to Use Gloo Wall When You Want to Help a Knocked Friend

Furthermore, you can also use the gloo wall to protect teammates in the free fire game. But you still have to be careful. Because protection is only given to the front. Of course you also have to be aware of the back to avoid grenade attacks.

  1. How To Use Gloo Wall When There Are Many Enemies On The Front

You can use the Gloo wall in overcoming enemy attacks in the direction shown on the minimap or when you already know the enemy’s presence. You can use this item to protect yourself and also heal the back of the ice wall. The very large size of the ice wall can certainly outwit the enemy so that it is difficult to find out where you are.

With a lot The advantages of gloo wall free fire. Of course managed to answer most players who question the usefulness of the gloo wall in this game. If you have understood it completely. Then you can more easily apply it to the free fire game that you will play later.

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