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Tesla Pubg Mobile Electric Car Skin Leaked, Here's the Latest Info -

Tesla Electric Car Skin Leaks

Tesla Pubg Mobile Electric Car Skin Leaks – PUBG Mobile Season 20 is coming next month. The latest patch update will certainly be more interesting than this season. Pubg mobile collaboration with the famous mobile company Tesla will also be present next season. Various items, features and special content will be added to the game.

One of the most interesting is the presence of electric cars in the pubg mobile game. The new car skin is the result of a collaboration with Tesla. Well, this time we will share the latest information about Tesla Pubg Mobile Electric Car Skin Leaks.

Latest Info Leaked Tesla Pubg Mobile Electric Car Skin

The new pubg mobile season update is getting closer, fans can’t wait to see the arrival of season 20. In the new season, a new patch note will come titled Pubg mobile 1.5 Ignition. Reportedly pubg mobile 1.5 ignition will carry the theme of the future as in pubg state. Some fans predict that there will be a lot in common between the pubg 1.5 ignition and the pubg new state. Still related to this topic, the news of the pubgm x Tesla collaboration which will bring electric car skins has undergone an update.

The latest leak says that there will be 2 electric cars to be released. Here is the detailed info.

  1. Cybertruck

The first car that will reportedly be used as a skin in pubgm is the cybertruck. The appearance of this truck is very different from other truck vehicles. The Cybertruck from Tesla has a modern and unique design, with a silver color. Even so, this car is still functional as a truck. So it has a large luggage storage and has a solid resistance. The presence of a cybertruck as a skin in pubgm will definitely make the battle more interesting and exciting.

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  1. Tesla Roadster

This is an electric sports car with a slim body appearance. Has a bright red color, with speeds of up to 250mph. This electric car has a cool and modern design. The presence of this car skin will definitely make the collection of vehicle skins on pubg mobile more interesting. It is estimated that this skin will be included in the premium item category, so prepare your diamonds from now on.

When is the Pubgm x Tesla Electric Car Skin Released

As a pubgm fan, of course, you are curious to try the new electric car skin in collaboration with Tesla. However, there is still no information about when the skin will be released. The news only mentions that the electric car skin will be present in the pubg mobile 1.5 ignition patch update. This electric car skin will indeed match the theme of the new pubgm season 20 patch later, which is about the future.

The pubgm itself has also not provided further information. What has been officially announced is only about the collaboration with Tesla. The details as to what it is still need to wait for an official announcement from pubg mobile. So for now it’s better for players to collect diamonds in large quantities first. So that later when the skin has been released, you can get it. For collectors of vehicle skins in pubgm, don’t miss it.

Well, that’s the latest information about Tesla Pubg Mobile Electric Car Skin Leaks. Until here, first update the pubgm game news this time. Don’t miss the latest info on other popular games in the next article. That’s all and see you later.

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