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Tensura King of Monsters Reroll Full Info

Tensura King of Monsters Reroll

Tensura King of Monsters Reroll – There is a recommendation for a new anime mobile game that is currently a hot topic, the title of the game is Tensura King of Monsters. This is a game based on an anime story about a blue slime monster. For those who like watching anime, you must already know this anime. Thanks to the popularity of the anime, this game in a short time has stolen the attention of many gamers.

Currently, the topic of the Tensura game King of Monsters is being sought after. Because it is still new, of course there are still many things that are not known about the game. One of them is about reroll. Many players in this game have difficulty rerolling. In this regard, this article will discuss complete information on how to Tensura King of Monsters Reroll.

  • Tensura King of Monsters Reroll

In playing games, players sometimes want to reroll if they get a character or item they don’t like. This is also experienced by many players in the Tensura game. Therefore, many want to know how to easily reroll the game. To be able to do the first reroll the player must pass chapter 1.6 in the game. Then the player must do a multi summon 1x. After entering the summon menu, do gacha there. If you immediately managed to get an S rank, then there is no need to reroll.

But if you haven’t gotten the S rank or the desired rank, then do the gacha again. The trick is to collect 5 more books. 1 x gacha requires 5 books. Do gacha in the same banner. By doing gacha up to 20 times, then the next gacha opportunity will definitely get an S rank. But remember, not all S ranks are good characters, it all depends.

  • Easy Ways to Reroll in the Tensura King of Monsters Game

To reroll in this Tensura game, there are two ways that can be used. For more details, directly refer to the following points,

  • The first way is to use a dummy (backup) gmail account. For this method, players need more than one gmail account. Then the details of how
  1. First, prepare a lot of dummy gmail accounts first
  2. Then login the game, on the screen click the blue arrow button in the upper left corner, then click account
  3. Then do sign in to the dummy gmail account
  4. After that click the level icon at the top left, enter the switch account
  5. Next, go to the log in screen, then click again, log in again with a different gmail account. After that the reroll process has been successful.
  • The second way uses the help of the third application. Then the details of how
  1. First, first install the multiple account application (special apk to create multiple accounts for one application / game)
  2. Once installed, open the application, then enter the game tensura,
  3. Then click the game, by doing this the player is automatically logged in with a different account.

To check pressing the tab, there will be two tensura games that are currently active on your smartphone. The two methods above have proven to be successful. Just choose, want to use dummy gmail or use a third application.

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That’s complete info about Tensura King of Monsters Reroll. Use the method above when you want to reroll. For additional advice, you should first know which characters are in tier S. When rerolling, aim for the tier S list.

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