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Special Sultan, Here Are Some Of The Most Expensive PC Games -

most expensive PC games

Are you looking for the most expensive PC games? It is very appropriate if you read the article below. Who will mention some of the games that are sold are very expensive for games only. But don’t worry, games that are expensive will definitely be better than free games. For games that are expensive, they are Steam games or applications on a PC. are you familiar with this Steam application? Steam is an application where your favorite games or PC games are created by developers. On Steam itself there are very many games, both paid and free. For those of you who want to download paid games that are very expensive, you can download the games below.

Attack on Titan 2

Attack on Titan is the first most expensive PC game. For you animation and manga lovers, of course you are not familiar with the name of this game. This game is taken from an animation that was previously only made into a movie. But the popularity of the film, made the creators of this film make a video game version as well. Like in animated characters, this game is played with the characters in the film. This game tells the story of residents who are in a city on the outskirts of the city there is a giant wall that cannot or is impossible to destroy by humans even using tanks. However, it’s a different story if the enemy of this population is the titan. Titan is a large naked monster that only consists of the body of this head, body, hands and feet. Targeting the residents by eating the residents. But there is a resident nicknamed the assassin, who can fly to kill the titan by severing the titan’s neck. In this game it’s also the same, you have to kill the titan titan. This game is sold at a price of Rp. 840,000. very expensive not for this one game.

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CrisisAction VR

The second is the most expensive PC game entitled CrisisAvtion VR. This war-themed game has interesting features than other games. Where this game will provide games using VR or glasses to play games by moving your body. In this game you will be given a choice of 2 kinds of modes, namely classic mode and story mode. In story mode you will play with a very good plot and good graphics of course. You will fight zombies and scary monsters. It’s more exciting than playing using VR tools, because it looks very realistic. In classic mode you will fight with opponents played by other people or human players. This game is sold at a price of Rp. 850,000 rupiah. Of course, it’s very expensive, not just for games, you have to buy almost a million. But you certainly won’t be disappointed because this game is very high quality.

For PC specifications, of course, must be expensive. You have to reach your pocket around 6-10 million to be able to play this game. For specifications, it can be according to your taste, but it must be at a price of 6-10 million to buy it.

That was the most expensive PC game that you can still buy. There are still many games that are sold above that price. If you are curious, you can open the Steam application on your PC. And of course if you are interested in the game above. Make sure to download it. It must be fun if you have very expensive games and of course it’s not certain that everyone even your friends have these expensive games. But you also have to have an expensive PC too to play the games above.

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