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Skill Sangonomiya Kokomi Genshin Impact, Here's the Latest Info -

Skill Sangonomiya Kokomi Genshin Impact

Skill Sangonomiya Kokomi Genshin Impact – Some time ago the official Genshin Impact fanpage released info about new characters in the next version. In the announcement there were 3 characters that appeared, namely Raiden shogun, Kujou Sara, and Sangonomiya Kokomi. The three characters have good skills and can be used as a strong DPS.

Among the three characters, kokomi is a DPS candidate who is also good at Healing. This makes kokomi able to fill two important roles in the party, as well as being a special character. Well, to know more about this beautiful character, check out the info review Skill Sangonomiya Kokomi Genshin Impact the following.

The Latest Sangonomiya Kokomi Genshin Impact Skill Info Leaks

In general, characters who hold DPS roles usually have high physical damage. Unlike Kokomi, who can not only be a strong DPS, but can also be a good healer. At first glance, this character may be like Jean who can also be a DPS and healer. However, as a DPS and healer, Jean’s abilities are not optimal. It will be maximized if you only use Jean as a healer buff. This is different from Kokomi, who naturally can play the two roles to the fullest, without having to focus on just one role.

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The statistical attribute obtained from the ascend kokomi is in the form of hydro damage. This is one of the reasons why he made it possible to become a DPS. Kokomi skill also makes it suitable for Spyral Abyss. To get to know this special character better, here’s an explanation of elemental skills and their elemental bursts.

  • Elemental Skill – Kurage’s Oath

This elemental skill allows Kokomi to give party members a HP regen effect, by creating jellyfish-shaped water. In addition, this skill also gives a hydro mark to the enemy. The damage generated from this elemental skill will be affected by Kokomi’s own max HP. That means, if kokomi has a high HP, the more damage the opponent will receive. This skill is really beneficial, especially for members of a party.

  • Elemental Burst – Kaijin Ceremony

This elemental burst provides a number of effects, firstly it can increase normal attacks, charge attacks and elemental skills that are issued based on the remaining max HP. Then when a normal attack or charge attack hits the enemy, kokomi will also automatically restore the party members’ HP based on their max HP. The latter effect can increase attack and disturbance resistance so that kokomi will be able to walk on water. Thanks to all the effects of the elemental burst, it is not difficult for kokomi to run two roles at the same time to the fullest.

In addition, by leveling up the character the users can get Hydor Damage. Damage will also increase based on HP. This makes Kokomi a character that would be a shame if she wasn’t in the gacha. About when this character will be present, it is estimated in the upcoming version 2.1 update.

Well, that was the info about the leak Skill Sangonomiya Kokomi Genshin Impact. Very interesting is not the skill of the beautiful Kokomi. Don’t miss gacha kokomi, yes, in the next version update. That’s all for the Geshin Impact game info this time, get another update in the next article.

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