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Script GB Bundir EXP 100% Point Blank 2R or 3R Free Download With Tutorial - PB Zepetto

GB Bundir EXP Script 100% Point Blank 2R or 3R Free Download With Tutorial - PB Zepetto

Point Blank. GB EXP at this time may have sounded a lot to us, what’s more, nowadays there are so many ways to use EXP PB. Here, maybe the admin will give you a way to get 2 rounds or 3 rounds of GB EXP PB.

Of course, you have to have your own ID/Char for the GB EXP, at least you can enter PUBLIC, and the important thing is that you verify your cellphone number on Zepetto to get the premium server

You must have an application called Macro Recorder that will be very useful for this GB. As far as I know, it’s safe to use it until now, but I don’t know later, okay?
There are two download links, use one of them >>>>: GB EXP PB

it goes directly with the bundir script

After you install the Macro Recorder application, you will be presented with entering the username and serial number already in the link above, just copy and paste and after that you click EVALUATE remember Evaluate is not a sip register!!

After you evaluate it will open as shown below

After that, click File in the upper left corner of the record

After that, look for the extract file from what you downloaded earlier and look for a file like this

after that later we will set it first as below, you just have to copy it and make sure it’s correct

Especially for the hotkey keyboard, it’s up to you, the last picture is the important thing, Play/Pope/Resume Playback, it’s what you set, the key is up to you, it’s okay

after that you open your PB ID and enter public premium and you look for a room that is 2R or 3R

but before that you open your PB settings first and adjust them below

I explain by writing the picture above, the first is that you have to change your resolution to 1024×768 and the second one, make sure the CHAT Key becomes Down or the down arrow

and the third one is not really mandatory, but if you can adjust the mouse sensitivity to 0.1 sip so that it runs smoothly. Now, after finishing the settings above, you will start Play/Pause/Resume playback, which I said earlier, if I set the key, the key is F11, so after ROOM, you just have to press F11 or the key you want. REMEMBER THE NAME IS THE BOMB, THERE SHOULD BE but later it will run smoothly too Thank you Good luck!!

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