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Reset Free Fire Season 19, Here's the Interesting Info -

Reset Free Fire Season 19

Reset Free Fire Season 19 – Free Fire always changes the season regularly every two months. At each change of season, of course, there are various new content for fans. Of course the excitement of the game becomes more and more. Changing seasons is indeed Garena ff’s regular agenda to present more interesting games.

This time, season 19 has been running for two months. Of course, it will soon change to season 20. When the season changes, Garena also resets the rank of the previous season. Well, related to this topic, this time we will discuss interesting information about Reset Free Fire Season 19. What is the info like? Check in the continuation of the following article.

The arrival of the new season makes the free fire game even more exciting. But on the other hand, players must be prepared to face a rank reset. So every change of season, free fire resets the ranks of the players. So in the new season later, the players have to try again to be able to reach the highest rank. Don’t worry, the rank won’t drop too much. For players who manage to reach gold rank, they will get special prizes at the end of the season. The prizes are certainly not nuts, there are bundles to premium skins. In addition, there are also other attractive prizes every time you reset the free fire rank.

  • Rank Reset Free Fire Season 19

Well, for information on the rank reset in season 19, it is reported that it will be held on February 26, if there are no changes. There is no confirmation of the hour yet. If you look at the previous rank reset schedule, it is estimated that it will be in the afternoon. There is also a special prize on this rank reset, namely

Rank update tokens. To change or reset the rank, as follows,

  1. Heroic rank will drop to Gold II rank
  2. Then Diamond rank I to IV, will drop to Gold rank I
  3. For Platinum rank I to IV, it will decrease to Silver rank II
  4. Gold rank I to IV, will drop to Silver rank I
  5. Then Silver rank I to III, will drop to Bronze rank II
  6. While the lowest rank, namely Bronze I to III, will drop to Bronze I

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Especially for players who managed to reach the gold rank will get a special prize. In addition, in this month’s special project cobra event, players will get an exclusive bundle that is adjusted to their respective ranks. For example, those who reach the gold rank will receive a gold colored legendary cobra bundle, as well as for other ranks.

The main prize for survivors who are in gold rank at the end of this season, will get a cool Weapon Skin, namely AK47 Moco. At the end of this season there will also be the arrival of new weapons M82B Deadly Glares and AK47 Strom Whisperer. Then the Desert Wrath Bundle will be removed from the stream. In addition, there will also be new skins, costumes, and banners for the new season, which are definitely a pity to miss. So don’t miss the latest season 19 rank reset this month.

That’s interesting information about Reset Free Fire Season 19 this time. So can’t wait for the turn of season 20 which is certainly more interesting. That’s all for the information on the free fire game this time, see you in the latest update for other game info.

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