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Recommended Best Paid Android Games That You Must Try -

paid game recommendations

There are many recommendations for popular paid games on Android smartphones that mobile gamers need to try. Not inferior to free games that are popular and widely played, paid games can also add to the fun and also make friends in free time. Most of the paid games can be played offline or without using the internet network. This of course is one of the advantages or advantages of the game. By playing offline games, players including you don’t need to use the internet network and we can be sure, you can play smoothly without internet disturbances that are less stable. Below we have provided some recommendations for paid games that are popular on Android smartphones and of course you need to try them. Please check the reviews below for more information about the best paid games that are sure to be fun

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The first paid game recommendation is the minecraft game. This paid game is very exciting and attracts a lot of gamers. Minecraft is one of the most popular paid games in the arcade and simulation game category. In the game, the player can play by controlling the character and building whatever the player wants. Players can build houses and all kinds of furniture easily. Players can also hunt animals or plants to get some interesting items that can be used or used for player needs. The size of the minecraft game application itself is also quite small so that even a smartphone with a small RAM can accommodate this one game. With the minecraft game, you can be sure you can play with fun and certainly guaranteed not to disappoint.

Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas

The next best paid game recommendation is the game grand theft auto san andreas or often called GTA san andreas. Surely you already know the best action game genre on this one. Popular on PS or play stations, the GTA san andreas game has also attracted many gamers by providing and releasing the GTA game with a mobile version on Android smartphones. Tells the story of gangsters in a city with many opponents or enemies, you have to complete many missions around gangsters and criminals that are guaranteed to be fun and satisfying. This paid game is quite expensive, but believe me you will not regret and be disappointed because the GTA san andreas game is very exciting and challenging.

Bully : Anniversary Edition

The last recommendation is the game bully anniversary edition. Just like the previous recommended game, namely GTA san andreas, you will be taken to a game story that is quite exciting and many cool and unique missions that you need to complete in the game. In the story, you have to control a transfer student who is naughty and always protests but has a fair nature. The missions provided are quite diverse, such as helping friends or other people, completing school assignments, completing school events, attacking other children and so on. You will feel at home playing this one game for hours because it is quite fun and cool.

Thus a review of the recommendations for paid games on the best Android smartphones that you need to try and play. Please download the popular paid games above and enjoy the game. Don’t hesitate to download because there are many interesting surprises that you can get in the game. So many reviews this time, hopefully useful and see you in the next article review.

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