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Rampage Treasure in Free Fire, Here are Tips to Get It -

Rampage Treasure

Harta Karun Rampage in Free Fire – FF or Free Fire is a battle royal game that is popular in the world, including in Indonesia. This game was created by a game developer from Vietnam named 111 Dots Studio with an injection of funds from Garena which is located in Singapore. The factor that made the game so popular could not be separated from the intervention of Forrest Li, the founder of Garena. In addition, Free Fire presents a game with beautiful graphic visualizations and high technology that makes all players who play feel a real adventure. So, this is enough to make Free Fire one of the most popular games in the world. But, did you know that Free Fire recently held an event called Event Rampage: New Dawn which will take place on 11-30 June 2021. Curious about this event? Here’s the interesting information.

Getting the Free Fire Rampage Treasure

In June 2021, Free Fire will hold various interesting events that all its loyal fans can participate in. These events are certainly interesting because they offer exciting prizes that are a shame if they have to be missed. These events include: 4 Latest Bundles, Event Rampage: New Dawn and finally Free Fire x McLaren. At the 4 Bundle event, players can get a package with various attractive skins and costumes that can be used in the game. To get it, players must redeem it with 3 (three) blueprints and 7-8 evolution stones.

As for the Free Fire x McLaren event, players can get special skins in the form of a McLaren skin with the name MCCLFF and McLaren P1. The last event, Rampage: New Dawn, presents 4 bundle packages containing game characters, namely Speedy, Aurora, Rajah and also Drake. Players can get one of the 4 bundles by exchanging 4 tokens that will be given in the event.

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For those of you players who are interested in getting treasure in the Event Rampage: New Dawn, of course, you must know the tips and tricks so you don’t make a wrong move. Getting treasure at the event has a very good benefit, namely the player will get all the prizes and items on offer. The first tip is that players must have logged in to the Event Rampage: New Dawn web page and have summoned Daily Summons. Then, the player will get a picture of the animal from the summon. Next, the display of the animal must be pressed until a treasure map sign appears. The player must go to the location where the treasure map sign appears and wait for the addition of the map. If the player sees a tube-shaped capsule that appears, immediately take something that is given by the tube capsule. After that players will be able to receive prizes right after the match or match is over. When finished, the player will get the New Dawn Key Token. The next step, if the player has received a prize from the treasure map, the player can repeat the previous step, namely pressing the animal display and getting the treasure map again.

Make sure the prizes that have been obtained on the treasure map must be used so that other tokens can be collected. So many easy tips to get Rampage Treasure on Free Fire. Are you interested in trying it? Immediately get other prizes at the event. Good luck.

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