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PUBG Mobile Jet Ski, Here's the Interesting Info -

PUBG Mobile Jet Ski

Jet Ski PUBG Mobile – PUBG mobile has a lot of interesting and fun content to play. This has been proven by his loyal players themselves. Pubg also always tries to issue interesting updates for fans. Like adding new items, including adding a new map, namely Map Livik. This map was officially released in the middle of last year.

Lots of fun content that has never been found on previous maps. This makes many fans even more excited to play. Map Livik has an area that is quite small, which is only 2×2 km. In connection with this map, there is an interesting discussion about Jet Ski PUBG Mobile. This article will discuss about the vehicle and other interesting information about the Livik map, of course.

  • PUBG Mobile Jet Ski Is

Jet Ski is one of the vehicles in the pubg mobile game. The vehicle is also available on the Livik map. Like battle royal games in general, of course there are items in the form of vehicles. Jet Ski is one of the vehicles that is quite unique in this game. Jet skis are able to accelerate faster and have a smaller turning radius than other water vehicles. But the maximum speed is lower.

On the Livik map, there is a waterfall location. Well, by using the jet ski vehicle, the player can go down the waterfall location easily and without experiencing any damage. In addition, this vehicle can also be used until it reaches the location of the safe zone. So this unique vehicle will definitely make it easier to explore on Map Livik.

  • Get to know the Livik PUBG Mobile Map

If we talk about jet skis, it will not be separated from the topic of the Livik map. Because from the list of interesting things in the livik map, jet ski is one of them. Therefore, at this point we will discuss the Livik map. Map Livik was first released last July. It has a small outdoor area, but presents a high-quality graphic display. Many new areas that have never been found in previous maps. This is the main attraction of the new map.

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  • Other Interesting Info About Map Livik

To find out more about the livik map, at this point we will briefly explain the interesting content on the map. First, it is seen from the geographical arena that is presented, which is very beautiful and fresh. Players can find waterfalls with strong currents, there are also waterfalls with hot springs.

The hot water in the bath has effects such as when using energy drinks and pain killers. So by just soaking in the bath, you can do a boost, and restore energy. How, so cool isn’t it? Something like this can only be found on the livik folder. Not only that, in this map there is also a special vehicle, namely a monster truck.

This is a new vehicle that will only be found when playing on the Livik map. This monster truck has a function like a tank, which is very tough and not easily destroyed. Very suitable for exploring the new map. Then there is also the new weapon MK21, which is also made specifically for playing on the Livik map.

Well, that was the article about Jet Ski PUBG Mobile, complete with other interesting info. The presence of the livik map makes the pubg mobile game even more exciting. That’s all for this article, see you in the next article.

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