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Pubg Mobile Death Replay, Here's Interesting Info and Facts -

PUBG Mobile Death Replay

PUBG Mobile Death Replay – There are many interesting features in the pubg mobile game. As a popular battle royal game, it certainly provides a variety of exciting content, including unique features. Pubgm itself regularly adds a number of new features to make the gameplay more interesting.

Talking about the unique features in this game, of course PUBG Mobile Death Replay including. This feature is very useful for players. Unfortunately there are still many who do not know the functions and benefits of these features. For this reason, this discussion will focus on these features. Pubgm fans, let’s look at the interesting reviews.

Get to know PUBG Mobile’s Death Replay Features

Death means death, replay means repeat or rerun. So the purpose of this feature is to display a replay of the player’s death. So it can be seen like there are seconds before players are killed when fighting in the pubg mobile game. The replay will appear in a few seconds duration. The view shown is from the enemy’s point of view. This is a quite unique and dancing feature, and it can actually provide its own benefits when used. To find out what the functions and benefits of these features look like, continue reading this article.

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Functions and Benefits of the Death Replay Feature in Pubgm

The function of the death replay feature, of course, shows the seconds of death from the point of view of the killer or enemy. Sometimes when you die from being shot by a sniper or other surprise attacks, players don’t realize that they are dead. By using this feature it can be known about how the incident of death experienced. From these functions, most players might think that the death replay feature is not very useful. This is not entirely true.

Because this feature can be used to evaluate the game that has been done. It can also be used to find out, what kind of mistakes have been made so that they become easy targets for the enemy. By knowing this, then in the next game you can be more careful so you don’t make the same mistakes. That way, the death experienced before will not be repeated. So you can improve the gameplay so you can last a long time in battle and get chicken dinner.

How to Activate the Death Replay Feature in Pubgm

After knowing about the definition, complete with the functions and benefits of the death replay feature. Next will be explained about how to activate the feature. The method is very easy and only takes a few short steps. That is logging in to the pubgm game, then entering the settings menu, opening the basic options, scrolling down, then in the column on the right there will be a Death Replay option. Then click the active button. When in this condition, you will see the words Enable on the feature. Later when experiencing death, the player will get a replay of his death automatically. So don’t be confused if suddenly the angle of the field looks changed. This is proof that the death replay feature is active and can be used.

Well, that was the explanation about the unique features PUBG Mobile Death Replay. In addition, reportedly will also be added a number of new features that are also no less interesting in the latest patch update later. Surely these features will make the gameplay different and more challenging. That’s it for this pubg mobile game article, get more info on new games in the next discussion.

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