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Pubg Mobile Daily Fortune Pack Event, Find New Info Here -

Event Daily Fortune Pack

Pubg Mobile Daily Fortune Pack Event – PUBG mobile always makes fans never get bored playing. How not, various exciting and interesting events are always presented, not to mention the new game modes that are also interesting, as well as many new features and items that make the gameplay even more interesting. That’s why this battle royal game can be very popular in the country.

About the events held by this game, it definitely provides a new list of interesting prizes. As in Pubg Mobile Daily Fortune Pack Event. In this event, a list of prizes has also been provided which is certainly a pity to miss. For detailed information, check the following reviews.

Latest PUBG Mobile Daily Fortune Pack Event

The daily fortune pack is a special event presented by Pubg mobile towards the end of season 19. As you know, this season’s reset is coming soon. This means there will be a new season in the near future. Regarding the pubg mobile season 20 update, there have also been a lot of leaked info that has been spread. That is about the pubg 1.5 ignition patch. The daily fortune pack event itself has started from June 30 and will end on July 7, 2021. The event period is quite limited, so don’t miss it.

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As the name suggests, in this daily event the chances of players getting prizes will be influenced by luck, aka the goddess of fortune. Regarding the prizes that can be obtained at this event, it is very interesting. One of them is getting a UC discount. As you know, UC is one of the currencies in this game. Getting a discount for the item is certainly very profitable. There is also a gift box fortune which contains random items.

How to Join the Daily Fortune Pack Event on Pubg Mobile

How to participate in this event is very easy. That is, by opening the main event page, then doing the existing missions, after that you will be able to get prizes. For more details, see the following steps.

  • The first step is to log in to the pubg mobile game, after entering the lobby, open the event menu and look for the daily fortune pack event.
  • After that, three choices of packages will appear that can be purchased by players. Each day, participants can only buy one of the fortune packs.
  • Each package will contain UC, coupons, and fortune bag items. Later fortune bag items can be exchanged into fortune boxes.
  • In the fortune box, you can get random item prizes according to your luck.
  • For package prices that can be purchased, starting from 15 thousand, 28 thousand, and 42 thousand. Packages priced at 15 thousand can get a total of 60 UC, complete with coupons and fortune bags.
  • In addition to tips in order to get good items, players need to increase their lucky stars.
  • So in this event each player will have their own lucky star. The higher the lucky star value, the higher the chance to get a good prize.
  • About how to increase the lucky star, you can directly check it on the main page of the daily fortune pack event.

That’s an interesting article about Pubg Mobile Daily Fortune Pack Event. This event is definitely a shame if you miss it, so join now. For now, that’s all for the pubg mobile game article that can be reviewed, hopefully it will be useful.

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