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Price of Skin Collector Ling, Mobile Legend, this is the latest info

Skin Collector Ling

Price of Skin Collector Ling – Mobile Legend is a game that has the best innovation by releasing its newest skins. Skin Collector Ling is the latest Hero skin released by Montoon and you can find it in the Mobile Legend game. Previously Ling had several skins including Starlight, Normal, Epic skins and now Ling will have a Collector skin which will be released on 5-25 June 2021. However, this latest skin is not given for free, but you have to spend enough money great to have it. Based on the information above, the discussion in this article is about the price of Skin Collector Ling. For those who are curious about information and how much money must be spent, then see the article below.

Getting to know Skin Collector Ling

Skin Collector is a new skin owned by hero Ling and is a caste that will be presented at the Epic showcase Mobile Legend under the name Serena Plume. Ling is a hero who has excellent abilities, especially in speed, so he often becomes a meta in Mobile Legend. The price of this skin is quite fantastic. The character that appears in Hero Ling is a handsome face and has a dashing body posture. For those of you who can’t wait to play it, you can find this skin on Manhua China with an exotic look. He is the hero in the story. The collector ling skin has a theme that is almost the same as the Epic Guinevere skin which both have very similar colors and themes, namely light green. However, in terms of price, of course, it is very different, where skin collectors have a much higher price.

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Price Skin Collector Ling

As we know, Hero ling has released its newest skin, the skin collector. The price of 1 skin collector is normally if you draw directly to get it on the same day around 3000 diamonds and if it is converted to around 1,254,000. However, you will get a discount every day. So it’s not surprising that many say this skin collector can only be owned by players and gamers of the sultan. But there is another way to get this skin at a pretty fantastic discount. How to ? then watch the discussion until the end.

How to Get Skin Collector Ling at a discount

To get a large discount, collect crystal of aurora (COA) for 3 months, which is 60k per month multiplied by 3 months to 180k. for COA for 1 month get 1100 then multiplied by 3 to 3300 COA. If you are still saving COA for 1 month then do the methods below.

  1. 1 Month initial COA capital for 60,000 to get 1100 COA
  2. Monthly COA subscription for 60,000 to get 1100 COA
  3. Weekly COA subscription for 128,000 to get 800 COA
  4. Buy a monthly Bundle in the Top Up menu for 82,000 to get 80 COA and 220 Diamond
  5. Buy daily COA Box (free) to get 450 COA and -300

When you do the method above, then you only spend 396,000 money, you have got 3710 COA and the remaining 195 Diamonds which you can exchange for skin collectors.

Well, so that’s the discussion regarding the Skin Collector Ling Price, as well as the latest info. For those of you who want to know information about the Mobile Legend game and other exciting games, then wait for our next article. Thank you for reading until the end and see you in the next article.

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