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Playing Mobile Legends Get Millions? Use This Way? -

Playing Mobile Legends Get Millions?  Use This Way?

Can you make money playing games? Seriously? Of course, yes! Now playing games is not just a waste of money. You can use your gamer skills to make rupiah in your own pocket. Moreover, games in the class of Mobile Legends or popularly known as MOBAs are booming and much loved.

If you look at its development, MOBA games are increasingly skyrocketing. Because more and more people are playing it, even in various circles in Indonesia. If you used to just play PC games, it was very entertaining and at the same time able to produce. Now, you too can, you know, get money from playing this game on your favorite smartphone.

There are so many choices of games on offer. But because this MOBALOG game is the top recommendation, the opportunity to get rupiah is also wide open. Curious how?

Make money from the Mobile Legends game that is currently being hit

mobile legends

The most important thing that can make you a gamer with income is to have good gamer skills, aka the ability to play high games. Because, your credibility and ability are measured from this. It is undeniable that all of us need effort if we want to be successful and achieve our goals. Then what are the tips to get money from playing this online game, let’s see!

  1. Capital

Yes, all need capital dong! Well, this capital is what will be used to provide game equipment. Like, a smartphone that can make you play push rank smoothly. Don’t forget to fill in the quota too. It’s not funny, playing MOBA games doesn’t have a quota.

Not denying, many gamers also spend their money to support the game. And of course you need the strongest hero in MOBA. Namely, by buying hero battle points or BP.

  1. Upgrade skills

Skill alias ability to play must continue to be improved. Don’t give up if you’re not good at playing games. Because talent can be achieved with tireless effort. Evaluate your weaknesses while playing, focus on the important things about defending and attacking in the Mobile Legends game.

After the skill increases and has a strong mentality. Of course, there will be many ways to get money from playing your favorite game, right?

  1. Sell ​​Skills

The expertise here is to use it to make video shows. You can easily create a Youtube account with a game focus and create content that will bring in adsense. Adsense is reportedly going to be paid dollars from Google, you know!

  1. Youtuber

Apart from adsense you can also maintain your Youtube account and get a lot of subscribers in the long term. This is without you knowing the money in your account will continue to grow by itself from Youtube.

You know? Games and Youtube seem to be a unit that can increase the income of gamers. So you don’t have to worry anymore, you can still get money from playing your favorite game.

  1. Jockey

Eits, don’t think negative first! The jockey here is the person who plays the other party’s account. If you already have the previous criteria, surely many will believe in your gaming skills. From here you can offer to become a jockey according to the agreed price. Usually this depends on the achievement of the targeted account rank.

  1. Sell ​​Game Account

Another alternative to making money from playing other MOBAs is to sell your game account if you have reached the highest rank. It’s certainly easy for you to get that rank back in a new account, right?

The reason is that many experiences state that high game accounts are sold at quite expensive prices. Maybe you will be interested and can try it when you want to find a new challenge from the lowest rank.

Well, you already know how to get money from playing Mobile Legends. It’s not only a waste of time but can bring in new income for you, let’s try it!

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