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Panda Akai Tanker Build Tips and Tricks

Akai Skill Analysis

1. Brute Force

Adds 2% of max HP to physical attack. This means it will add damage from akai as much as 2% of the remaining HP to physical attacks. This skill is a passive skill

2.Thousan Pounder
Cooldown 14 Mana Cost 50

Akai will jump to the target area, enemies hit by Akai’s attack will get 170 physical attacks and slow down enemy movement by 55% and for 3s will add damage from Akai’s physical attacks by 50%.

This skill is usually used to gang up on enemies and also to escape because Akai will jump at the enemy which gives damage to the enemy and also makes the enemy’s movement slow.

3. Guardians
Cooldown 8.5 Mana Cost 50

Akai will stomp his body where the affected enemy will get a physical attack of 140 + 15% of the blood lost from Akai. This skill will also provide defense to Akai which can block enemy attacks of 360 damage for 4s

4. Meat Tanks
Cooldown 35 Mana Cost 60

Akai will turn into a ball that continues to spin. The enemy hit by this ball will bounce and will inflict 50 magic damage. This skill is a unique skill from Akai he will be able to disable many enemy heroes at once. However, this skill can still be stopped by some heroes, so using it at the right time will have a good effect on the team.

For the use of this skill
– Use this skill to push enemies towards your tower or to your friends
– Use this skill to lock the enemy by pushing the enemy against the wall so that he will not be able to move
– Use this skill to protect your team from enemy attacks because the enemy will bounce if hit by the ball circle from Akai.
– This skill can also be used to escape

Order of Skill Usage
You can set which part first according to your plan.
For standard you can use the order of meat tank > thousand pounder > guardian

Build Akai

Akai Battle Spells
For a good battle spell for Akai is Spirit or it could be flicker

Game Flow

Beginning of the game:
Akai can be in the up or down lane. At the beginning of the game, play like a normal tanker. Take care of the tower and help your carry to farm using guardian skills and thousand pounder in farming or to fight with opponents.

At the beginning of the game, don’t get too close to the tower, wait for your opponent’s minions in your tower, when your minions are in your opponent’s turret, you can farm the minions in the forest. invite your friends to help. And return to your turrent if the opponent’s minion is already in your turrent.

Often use guardian skills when there is an opponent hero who will attack you because this skill adds hp in a few seconds.

Mid Game
In the middle of the game you can gank to the mid but you must keep your turrent from being destroyed by the enemy.

Use the Thousan pounder skill first when going to gank your opponent and then the guardian and meat tank to push the opponent’s hero into your turrent or lock it in the cache.

During war, focus on the marksman hero or support the opponent because they are your target, don’t be busy with their tankers. When dealing with tankers, look at their marksman or support heroes and if there is an opportunity, use them to jump to their marksman hero or support hero, use the thousand pounder skill on them. Why is that? because they are the ones you should make frantic about if the marksman hero and their support hero are reported, your team will find it easier to kill their tanker and fighter heroes. After their tanker and fighter heroes die, it will be very easy to finish off the marksman and support heroes.

End of Game
Currently the item from panda Akai is ready, you will be very strong, fight like in the middle of the game. Remember you are a tanker so don’t be afraid to be in front to open a war. Use thous and pounder skills to jump next guardian and meat tank to push the opponent near your turrent or to your friends.

Remember the ulti akai must be used on your blood running low or you can at the beginning to kidnap the enemy. Why must your blood run out? because if it is used at the beginning then the function of the tanker will not be very useful. In the beginning you have to be the tb of your team at the time of war.

Focus on the marksman hero or support the opponent. Anyway, your goal is to make their support heroes or marksman run wild.

Those are Panda Akai’s tips and tricks in Mobile Legends.

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