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Pan Earthshaker Stomp FF Skin, Latest, Info and How to Get It -

Skin Pan Earthshaker Stomp

Skin Pan Earthshaker Stomp FF – Free Fire will soon present its newest event in the new dawn rampage mode game. As you know, Free Fire developers often issue events with rampage themes. The presence of this event can give you the opportunity to get various kinds of attractive prizes for free. The prizes offered are also very diverse, ranging from skins, bundles, weapons, costumes and much more. FF is currently releasing a new web event called Road to new dawn, this event gives you the opportunity to get a Pan Earthshaker Stomp FF Skin for free. Want to know how to get it? see the following explanation.

Pan Earthshaker Stomp Road To New Dawn Skin Event

The Road To New Dawn event is the latest event released by the Free Fire Developer, Garena. The event takes place from June 21 to June 27, 2021. The main prize given in the Road to new down event is a pan earthshaker skin. To use it is very easy, just by looking for friends through sharing images on FB to play together, it can also be done by playing games with a predetermined amount. You need to know that this event does not only provide pan earthshaker skins, but also presents various kinds of prizes that you can get for free. Here are the prizes presented.

  1. You can get 3x Gold Royal Voucher if you manage to invite 1 of your friends, or you can also play 4 games.
  2. The second prize that you can get is 2x MP40 Crazy Bunny Weapon Loot Crate on the condition that you have to get 2 people to play or it can be done by playing 8 games.
  3. The third prize is the Pan Earthshaker Stomp which is the main prize in this event. The way to get it is by inviting 4 of your friends or you can also play 15 games.
  4. The last prize presented is 2x Diamond Royale Voucher which you can get by recruiting 6 people to play in the event.

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How to Get Rewards in the Road To New Dawn Event

Based on the explanation above, the Road To New Dawn event not only gives the main prize, namely the Pan Earthshaker Stomp, but you can get attractive prizes as described above. Want to know how to get it? see how as follows.

  1. Open the Free Fire game application via smartphone or PC
  2. Make sure you enter the Rampage New Dawn FF web event
  3. After entering the web above, look at the left side of the screen where there are several options and click the third option with the words “Road To New Dawn”.
  4. After that you will be taken to the official website of the new hero dawn.
  5. Complete some of the missions given in the event.
  6. Play some games or invite your friends by sharing on the icon that says “recuit” located at the bottom left.
  7. After recruiting friends to play together, you have completed one mission and can get the main prize in the Road To New Dawn event.
  8. Do it repeatedly to get other attractive prizes.

That’s the latest information about Skin Pan Earthshaker Stomp FF and how to get it. To find out the latest information from Garena, see the next article. Good luck.

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