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Naruto Slugfest X Game 3D MMORPG on Android, You Must Try!

Who is the kid these days who doesn’t know Naruto? Ninja from Konohagakure who dreams of becoming Hokage. The storyline is interesting and inspires many people. The anime series by Masashi Kishimoto is very popular with all people from children to adults.

Download Naruto Slugfest Android

Recently there was a Naruto game on Android phones with a 3D display, different from Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage, this Naruto game is of the 3D MMO action genre. This game is already available on the Play Store, it’s just not yet available for the Indonesian region. But you don’t need to worry because you can download it from application providers outside the Play Store.

Naruto Review: Slugfest

This time Babang will review the Naruto Slugfest game for Android smartphones, what the game is like and its features.

Download Naruto Slugfest Android


Naruto : Slugfest is an officially licensed smartphone game created under the supervision of Shueisha, Studio Perriot and TV Tokyo.

Download Naruto Slugfest Android Free

This game is the only Naruto game in the MMO genre with 3D visuals, with various characters and jutsu that you can choose from.

Game Features

  • The storyline is adapted to the original story of the Naruto anime series, there are day and night features according to the real Naruto world.
  • Explore the world of Naruto freely, players are also free to determine the storyline according to their respective preferences like MMO games in general.
  • You are also free to adjust the appearance of your character, adjust the justu and skills of your character.
  • There are many quests, ranging from easy quests to the most difficult. And there is a 1vs1 player competition.
  • You can also add friends, create a guild and find partners.

Update March 20, 2021
Naruto Slugfest has been officially released and is available on the Play Store, please go to [Link]

Download Naruto Slugfest Android Free

Update 2021: Now Naruto Slugfest has changed to Naruto Slugfest X which you can download and install for free on the Play Store or CLICK HERE

If you want to try the Naruto Slugfest game, before that you should read:

Because the file to be installed is in the XAPK format (a combination of APK + Game Data), if you already know how to install the XAPK file, please [Download Naruto : SlugFest]

Next you just install the Naruto Slugfest game like installing the XAPK that has been shown.

After installing, you create a game account and then log into the game, Done.

The final word

So that’s the game review Naruto Slugfest on Android phones, this game has not been released for a long time and still needs a lot of development, but this game is worth a try if you are a big fan of the Naruto anime.

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