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Must read: Benefits and How to use it Battle Spell - Mobile Legends

Battle Spell is an important factor supporting your hero. Spell selection errors will have a big impact on the match. So spells are very important. In addition, the use of spells must also be correct because incorrect use of spells can also be fatal to the actual function of the spell and will not be used.

This time I will provide information about the benefits and how to use the correct spell, if something is wrong, please criticize and also suggest.

Here are 12 battle spells in mobile legends:

1. Execute

Execute is a spell that can only be used for opposing heroes. To use it you must be near the opponent’s hero. The effect of this spell is to give the opponent’s hero 240 – 800 physical damage depending on the level.

2. Retribution

This spell only affects creeps where it will damage creeps of 600 – 1440 depending on lvl. So use this spell for farming. Do not use this spell on the opponent’s hero because it will not have any effect.

3. Inspire

This spell gives effect to your hero and also your target hero, where the target hero will reduce his defense by 20% while for your hero it will increase attack speed by 55% and physical attack 15% for 5s. So use it when you are fighting with the enemy.

4. Sprint

Use this spell if you want to run fast because the spell if activated will increase your movement speed by 42% and will decrease slowly after 7s.

Use Sprint when chasing enemies or when running away..

5. Healing Spell

This healing spell functions to add 10% HP to your hero and also the team heroes that are near you. If your friend’s hero is only one near you it will increase to 50%.

So to activate this healing spell, use it when your hero’s cellphone is running low or use it if your team’s hero needs additional cellphones. The trick is when your hero’s cellphone is dying, get closer to your friend’s hero who also needs an additional cellphone, you have to be tight so that this heal effect hits your friend’s hero too.

6. Aegis

This Aegis spell must be activated when you get an attack from an opponent which if activated will provide a shield to your hero where this shield is able to withstand 3 physical attacks. This spell if activated will last for 5 seconds or get 3 physical attacks then this shield will be lost.

7. Petrify

This petrify spell, if activated, must be an enemy hero near your hero. This stun effect will make the stun hero immobile for 0.7s and also deal .115-325 magic damage depending on lvl.

Use this stun spell when fighting with the opponent’s hero and also use it to escape when your hero loses the battle.

8. Purify

This skill is used to remove skill effects that hit you. For example, if your hero gets a slow effect, you can remove it by activating this purifying spell.

The duration of this purifying spell effect will make your hero immunity from disable for 1s and also increase your hero’s movement speed by 30%.

9. Weaken

Spell weakening uses the same method as execution. Enemies who are affected by the weakening effect will reduce their movement speed by 70% and their defense decreases by 50% both physically and magic defend.

10. Flicker

This spell is used to chase enemies and also to escape. Your hero will jump far in the direction where you direct this spell.

With this flicker spell, your hero can jump over other heroes and even jump over rocks.

11. Arrival

This spell is a transport spell which, if used, will move your hero to the desired destination.

To use the arrival spell is a bit difficult because you have to direct your transport destination to a location that must hit your minions or your keturent. If you don’t hit it then this spell can’t be used.

12. Iron Wall

If this iron wall spell is activated, for 2s all physical and magic attacks that hit your hero will be reduced by 25%. And every enemy hero near him will have an effect of 10% more damage that attacks him.

Those are the 12 battle spells that you must know the benefits of and how to use them. If you have mastered how to use it, the spell will work optimally for your hero and your team.

Thus the post about the benefits and how to use the Battle Spell in Mobile Legends, hopefully it will be useful for mobile legends players.

thank you

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