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Mobile Premiere League (MPL) Indonesia Review - Playing Games Can Earn Money

Starting from the milling of MPL Indonesia advertisements on Facebook with the caption playing games can gopay, I was also curious what game is this really? And I tried to download and play the game.

Before I review the Indonesian MPL game, I will first explain what MPL Indonesia is according to the official Indonesian MPL website in the section about MPL explained

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is an agility-based E-Sports platform where you can play your favorite games and win Diamonds which can be redeemed to your GO-PAY account.

Install and Play!

The MPL app has 5 games you like and there will be more new games to come! Free Play in live game tournaments and win GO-PAY balance!
After the tournament results are announced, the winner can immediately withdraw the Diamonds with GO-PAY.
Win more GO-PAY balance by Sharing link. Refer MPL app to family, friends & colleagues and win bonus diamonds for every install of your referrals!
Be a part of the world’s largest agility-based mobile gaming platform and win Diamonds
Download the app and win the game!

From the explanation above, you must have understood what MPL Indonesia is. Maybe the rough term is a mobile application that provides various games that can be played where when playing them if you can win the match/tournament you will get a gift (1 diamond = Rp. 100) or a power prize that can be used for tickets to play other games.

If you win the match and get a diamond prize, you can transfer the diamond to your go-pay account (the diamond that can be transferred has a minimum limit and only diamonds are obtained from the results of the match).

Well, that’s a brief explanation of the Indonesian MPL game

For my review after playing for about 3 days from today: for this game it doesn’t cheat because I proved to be getting a dime anyway..haha
Where can I transfer the money to my go-pay account.

For the game, it is a simple game and does not require high cellphone specs, so everyone can play the game. In the mpl application there are several games with lots of matches that can be played.

To enter one of the matches requires a ticket in the form of power or diamonds, which differ in number depending on the type of match. Tournaments in the mpl application will not be interrupted as if they are set to continue automatically.

In my opinion, if someone has good game playing skills, then playing games in MPL Indonesia is a not bad idea because if you win with ranks 1-3 then you will get money easily. but it’s not wrong for standard skills like me to get enough change, just think of it as entertainment to fill spare time.

Come on, play these apps together and get GOPAY right away! Click the link Download Indonesian MPL Apk to download download the apps and use the referral code BDNZBBQXD to register. This referral code will give you a bonus of 20 Tokens and 20 MPL Diamonds so you can join the tournament!

Let’s try


1. MPL Users should note that all games available on the MPL platform are ‘Test of Skills’, and MPL does not endorse, endorse or offer Users ‘games of chance’ for money. While ‘Test of Skills’ does not have a comprehensive definition, they are games where the impact of a player’s effort and skill on the outcome of a game is higher than the impact of luck and chance.

2. The games contained in the MPL platform have clearly defined rules and Users are encouraged to read, understand and follow these rules in order to be successful in these games.

3. The games contained in the MPL platform are ‘Test of Skills’, such that the result / success in the game is directly dependent on the effort, performance and skill of the User. By choosing how to play it, Users’ actions will have a direct impact on the game.

4. Since the games available on the MPL platform can be won by Users using their skills and such skills can be improved with practice and experience, a User’s performance may improve with time and practice.

5. Different games will provide different skills, but each game will provide certain skills, such as knowledge of the game, knowledge of rules, experience, reflexes, experience, practice, hand-eye coordination, etc.

6. Certain games may have predetermined outcomes (Sudoku, Crosswords, Brick Breaker), and these outcomes can be achieved by Users using their skills.

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