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Mobile Legends: How to Play Lancelot Items Build and Hero Strategy


Lancelot comes from a Baroque family in the Land of Dawn, where at a young age he showed a wonderful talent in the art of fencing, garnering praise from the masses, so much so that he was lost in the admiration. When the magical tribe is attacked, Lancelot, having just woken up from a hangover, arrogantly attacks them himself. After winning several battles, he lowered his guard and chased the remaining strength in arrogance but soon the magical tribes regrouped and defeated him in the mountains. After coming into contact with Princess Odette, he immediately felt captivated by her purity and also immediately understood how wrong it was for him to be so arrogant and shallow in the past. When returning to Swan Castle, Lancelot immediately realized the magical potential of the Regina family, he was able to integrate it into the fence culminating in the shadow maneuver. Now he was once again setting foot in the fighting right to test his new abilities.

Skill Build

Soul Cutter – For every 10 seconds, Lancelot will complete a defensive move ‘surgical appointment’, the next basic attack will render the target defenseless, Lancelot will deal 20% additional damage to defenseless enemies. This will mark your target to make your skill effective. Be sure to use this with precision. Make a mark on the target you want to record. Basically on squishy heroes like snipers and mages.

Stab – Charges towards the targeted direction dealing 100 points of the target will be scratched with a sword mark, if the bent target has no sword mark then the cooldown of the stab will refresh. This will be your starting skill so that you can approach your target easily. Don’t forget that this hero has a major weakness in CC make sure that after using this skill the next attack is ready for a combo. You also need a better understanding of the situation as this will kill you because you are initiator and slippery at the same time unlike the typical tanky initiator. Prioritize this skill leveling next to the last one.

Thorned Rose – Performs a stunning sword fighting technique in an area, enemies can be hit a maximum of three times for 250 points of physical damage, enemies hit three times in a row will be slowed for 70%. This is the only CC in your skill set so make sure to use it wisely. If you are confronted and you know that you can get a skill without using this skill, don’t waste it and save it for more important situations. Just save this skill if your opponent will make distance from you.

Phantom Execution – After a while of charging, Lancelot performs a forward strike executioner, he is invincible throughout the process, dealing 400 pts of physical damage to his enemies. As the name says it’s about killing your target. On the other hand, making you invincible in battle can also use this skill as a form of defense. You can avoid damage with this skill with proper execution. As I mentioned above, Lancelot is slippery for being the initiator. And from this it is expected that you will get focused fire most of the time because you are also a dangerous opponent who can zone out mages and snipers easily. With the invincibility you will get from the best, you can use it to do your goals in the game.

Item Build

Corrosion Scythe – +30 Phsyical Attack / +1000 HP / +20 Armor / Unique Passive – Corrosion: Basic attack lowers target’s attack speed by 10% / Unique Passive – Scour: Basic attack has 50% chance of lowering target’s movement speed. by 35%. Almost years of playing Mobile Legends, I learned that the best thing to consider in preparing your heroes is to fight those weaknesses instead of choosing their best kit in the game. If you build a squishy tank, if you have a weakness in CC go for slow-effect and so on. For Lancelot’s case, I’m looking for a Corrosion Scythe that gives HP and defense. The best of it is the passive which will turn your target into a helpless prayer. Lowering attack speed by 10% gives snipers the ultimate debuff. It will also reduce the movement speed of your target. From the cons of this hero you have bad CC and slick this item will overcome its weakness.

Swift Boots – Unique: +15% attack speed / Unique: +40 Movement speed. It’s always a big decision for me if I’m going to get this boot or go with the fast boots. The answer is based on your playing style. If your team needs your presence early in the game to hang around, go with the fast shoes. If you dominate your lane, head to Swift Boots for basic gear. Talk while playing with the team. Lancelot is poor at it. And for you to be effective for your team, the best thing you can do is hang around and help your coworkers in 2v1 engagement.

Haas’s Claws – + 70 Phyiscal Attack / Unique: + 20% Lifesteal / Unique Passive – Instanity: If HP drops below 40%, the hero will receive an additional 10% physical lifesteal. This will improve your sustainability in battle which is one of your weaknesses. I went Haas’s Claw over Bloodlust Ax because I wanted to build Lancelot relying on basic attacks at the end of the game. To make him unstoppable at the end of the game, you need to extend his damage from the cooldown limit. Rise up your Bloodlust Ax to its abilities which can be easily limited by cooldowns. Haas’s Claws will give you better continuity with Lifesteal based on your basic attacks which is your true arsenal at the end of the game.

Malefic Roar – +60 Physical Attack / Unique: +40% Physical Penetration / Unique Passive – Armor Buster: Basic attacks will ignore 20% of defense tower defense armor. Great item for fighting tanks. Since you won’t have any problem with slippery opponents, now you need to embrace your heroes also against the tanks that will interfere with your aim. This item is the best equipment against tanks and also for turrets.

Dominance Ice – +500 Mana / +70 Armor / +5% Crit Chance Reduction / Unique: 15% cooldown reduction / Unique Passive – Arctic Cold: Lowers movement speed by 5% and lowers attack speed for nearby enemy heroes. Armor, cooldown reduction, and other speed-reducing speed against opponents. You have a bad teamfight presence but with items that will help your teammates, I’m very confident that your Lancelot will bring a different perspective to your teammates.

Immortality – +800 HP / +40 Magic resistance / Unique Passive-Immortal: Resurrect within 2 seconds after dying and gain 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300 – 1000 points of damage. Shield lasts for 3 seconds. Cooldown for this effect is 180 seconds. End game items

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