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Mobile Legends: How to Play Hero Gatotkaca Items Build and Strategy

Gatotkaca is a very strong tank with the ability to control team battles. Among all the tank heroes in MLBB, Gatotkaca has the highest physical defense due to his passive ability. He has powerful defensive skills that make enemies attack him and fight enemies that attack him within range. He has an AOE skill that slows down enemies. He has a powerful AOE ultimate skill that does massive damage and slams enemies into the air. Gatotkaca is not easy to master, but with a lot of practice, you can play it as a pro tanker. I highly recommend that all tanker players should buy this hero, and I’m sure you will make it your favorite tank hero.

1. Super high physical defense
2. Damage reflects skill
3. Term. Long Powerful AOE ultimate skill
4. High AOE skill damage
5. High HP

1. Not easy to control
2. It’s easy to run out of mana if you save spamming skills in the early game
3. Long casting time and long CD with maximum skill
4. Low mobility


1. Steel Bones
There are 2 attributes of Steel Bones, attribute 1 is to convert % of lost HP to physical defense up to 250. This makes Gatotkaca has the highest physical defense among tank heroes.
Attribute 2 is Gatotkaca receives a certain amount of HP regen when dealing damage to enemies with higher HP with a CD of 6 seconds.

2. Blast Iron First
This skill is a spamming farming skill. Gatotkaca releases a straight line to the enemy, the hit will suffer magic damage, this skill can be directed. This skill has a very short range. In order to hit the target, make sure to approach the target and cast this skill.

TIP: Spamming this skill helps Gatotkaca farm quickly but also drains his mana fast. Make sure to get some items which are regen or items that increase max

3. Unbreakable
This skill is a defense skill of Gatotkaca that attracts enemies within the skill radius, forcing them to attack Gatotkaca and then fight him. This skill counters enemy damage and enemies hit by this skill will experience magic damage.

Tips: Use this skill to lock the enemy to attack Gatot Kaca, the goal is so that the enemy does not run away or attack the hero team. So that Gatotkaca or the hero team can beat him.

4. Ultimate: Avatar of Guardian
Gatot Kaca will jump high into the air and will fall into an area that can be adjusted in direction. This ult is an area so the enemy hit by the ultini will be stunned and 500 magic damage.

TIP: Using this skill at the correct timing is very important, best used when the enemy is under negative effects such as slow, freeze, stun and others. Or use it to escape if it’s really needed/urgent


For jungling or farming: Use Blast Iron first skill as often as possible to minions to get bp quickly.

For team fights:
If the enemy is under negative buffs such as slow, freeze, stun and so on, first use the Avatar of Guardian skill that stomps the enemy into the air. Then the Unbreakable cast skill forces the enemy to attack Gatotkaca. Then cast Blast Iron First skill towards the enemy. Then save the Blast Iron First spamming skill and Unbreakable skill when they are available for use.

If the enemy is not under negative effect, use the flicker spell to the enemy crowd and the Unbreakable cast skill to force the enemy to attack Gatotkaca. Then use the Guardian of avatar skill to knock the enemy into the air. Then cast Blast Iron First skill towards the enemy. Then save the Blast Iron First spamming skill and Unbreakable skill when available for use.


We recommend using flicker because Gatotkaca is a hero with low mobility. Flicker can also be used for combos with Gatotkaca abilities during team fights.


I suggest using the tanker emblem set because Gatotkaca is a tanker hero.


1.Curse Helmet: Cheap to assemble. Increase hero max HP and magic defense. Increase hero dps using passive-Burning Soul items. Great for attacking and defending.

2.Warrior Boots: Increases hero movement speed and physical defense.

3.Immortality: Increases the hero’s max HP and magic defense.Allows the hero to rise from the dead and escape.

4.Blade Armor: Greatly increases physical defense. Passive item – counterstrike working combo with Unbreakable skill.

5.Demon’s Advent: Increases physical defense, max HP, and decent HP Regen. Passive effect – Deter will reduce the attack power of enemies who attack Gatotkaca.

6.Atherna’s Shield: Increases max HP, magic defense and decent HP Regen. Passive effect – Refuge gives Gatotkaca a damage-absorbing shield that refreshes every 30 seconds.

7.Thunder Belt: Increases magic damage power, max HP, max Mana, physical defense and decent HP Regen. Passive item – Thunderbolt deals damage and slows down enemies.

8.Magic Shoe: Increase movement speed and give decent CDR. Good for reducing Gatotkaca’s ultimate skill CD CD.

9.Clock of Destiny: Greatly increases magic damage power. Increases max HP and max Mana. Passive-Time items, add 30 max HP and 5 magic damage power every 30 seconds up to 300 max HP and 50 magic damage power. Passiv-Reincarnate item, the hero receives 5% magic damage power and 300 max Mana after 5 minutes the item is being assembled.

10.Oracle: Increase max HP, give decent HP regen, give 10% CDR. Passive item-Scream, within 4 seconds after the hero is attacked, the hero gets 4% HP regen.

11.Heart Steel: Increases maximum HP, physical defense, gives decent HP regen, and reduces the critical attack rate on enemies that attack Gatotkaca.

TIP: For set 1, buy neckelus mana regen in early game to avoid mana shortage

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