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Mobile Legends: How to Play Hero Zilong Build Items and Strategy


Zilong is the son of the Great Dragon, vowing to roam from world to world helping the wise ruler with the Dragon’s decree. Whenever a new king needs strength, Zilong traverses time and space to get rid of all obstacles and enemies before the king uses the spear fighting technique bestowed by the Great Dragon.


Passive [Dragon Flurry]: Every 6s Zilong will make a combo that deals a lot of small attacks instead of a standard attack that deals a total of 1.8 times his base damage. Hitting enemies with physical attacks will reduce this passive cooldown by 0.5s per attack.
– This passive potency increases Zilong’s damage potential and you can also take advantage of it with certain items.

Skill 1 [Spear Flips]: Zilong flips the enemy target to the opposite position causing physical damage, the target will also be affected by a small movement speed debuff which will gradually disappear after 10s.
– This is one of the most useful skills in the game, if you know how to use it, you will become a great Zliong player.

2nd Skill [Spear Strike]: Zilong jumps at the target dealing physical damage and instantly hits it with a physical attack. The target will also be slowed by 30% for 1s.
– This is a very good skill that is usually used to chase enemies so you can turn them back with your first skill.

Ultimate Skills [Supreme Warrior]: For 6 seconds Zilong becomes immune to slowing effects, he also gets a large movement speed buff and increases attack speed by 45%. You can also activate this skill to free yourself when you are trapped (eg Cyclops ultimate).
– This is another very powerful skill in Zilong’s skill because of its flexibility and because of all the speed it has.



Batle Spell suitable for zilong: Execute, Inspire, Furify or Flicker.


For zilong emblems, it’s good to use the Physical Emblem Set

Zilong General Guide and Tips

1) Always max your second skill first, Charge the target, zilong is like jumping to the target. This will cause the target to take 260 physical damage and decrease movement speed by 30% for 1s.

2) Standard combo: Skill 2 from afar to chase the enemy + 1st Skill to pull him back to the other side of the opposite side

3) Zilong’s First Skill is amazing and can be very useful, you can use it aggressively as I described in 2) for example or to pull enemies under your tower if they get too close. You can also use it in a defensive way to save your teammates by pulling enemies away from them. Master these skills and you will become a great Zilong player.

4) Your 2nd skill keeps track of targets if they move while you’re still charging, always keep that in mind with high mobility heroes.

5) If you run Flicker, you can use it in an aggressive manner to quickly close large gaps and turn enemies back with your first skill.

6) Activating your last skill can free you from certain types of CC, for example if you are stuck in Cyclops’ Ultimate activating your last skill while in prison will immediately free you from prison!

7) Your ultimate skills are great tools, can be used to escape (if they don’t sting you soon, it will be very difficult for them to catch up to you) and engage in combat. If you use it for war try to activate it as late as possible so you don’t waste too much time.

8) Blue buffs are great in Zilong mainly because they allow you to use every ulti you want so it only has a few seconds of downtime, you are not a high priority Blue buff follower, so save it for your other allies if necessary. . The red buff is good on you so if you have the chance get it.

9) With this build you will be able to do Turtle and Lord very quickly once you get the Scarlet Phantom, keep this in mind and ask for an advante if you can.

10) If you want to kill the enemy at the beginning of the game, play near the turret, lure the enemy near the turret, once within range use skill 1 on the enemy so that the enemy is attracted to the turret and you will automatically get attack assistance from your turret


Combo (For enemies that are not in the range of basic attack attacks)
Skill 2 + Basic attack + Skill 1 + Basic attack + Basic attack + Skill 3 + Fury + Basic attack and continue with other skills that have finished cooldown.
Combo (For enemies who invite a duel)

Skill 3 + Skill 2 + Skill 1 + Fury + Basic attack + Basic attack + Continue with other skills that have finished cooldown


Zilong’s weakness is actually not much, because Zilong is a fairly balanced hero in terms of attack and defense. Even his 3rd skill can function to escape from enemy gank attacks, on the other hand his 3rd skill can also help in carrying out attacks. So players just need to be smart enough to manage when it’s time to defend when it’s time to attack. Oh yeah, for heroes, he’s weak to MAGE heroes like EUDORA/HARLEY (he’s a loser, damn) who’s already in the mid game. but if it’s 1 vs 1 by getting closer (in pepet trs), zilong wins. Same with a REGEN hero who is really HUGE (if Roger and Alucard have become regenny, it’s a bit difficult. But if you’re smart, look for a position

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