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Mobile Legends: How to Play Hero Grock Build Items and Strategy


Deep within the mountains of the Land of Dawn stands an ancient fortress. Although the owner is unknown, it is rumored that it could be the remains of a legendary race that once existed in the Land of Dawn. It is said that this race is older than the earth itself, has a special affinity for nature, they are able to build deep relationships with various natural creatures, especially giant rocks. These friendly giants have stony skin that can barely withstand any physical force, but due to their good nature, they mainly use their physical abilities to sleep safely. These odd-bodied giants like to sleep well so they sometimes hibernate for up to half a year, but however much they wake up, it’s hard for them to fall asleep again. One day when Grock awoke again, finding himself alone, the castle guards were long gone. He continued to roam the fortress on his back to find its owner, setting off throughout the Land of Dawn to find news of their whereabouts, so that one day he could return his home to them.


Ancestral Gift – Increases movement speed by 10%, and physical and magical defense by 23-135 (increases with level) when Grock is near a wall or tower. Movement speed is a big help especially for assisting teammates or initiating attacks. Plus physical and magical defenses that grow as Grock progresses. Grock is a natural tanker hero

Power of Nature – Increases weapons to sweep away nearby enemies, dealing 300 physical damage and slowing their movement speed for 2 seconds. The longer the process of upgrading weapons, the higher the damage. Good crowd control attack with a duration of 2 seconds. Prioritizing improving this skill is the most important. Make sure to practice charging this skill longer to get the best effect.

Guardian’s Barrier – Causes a shockwave to the target location, dealing 300 physical damage. Then the shockwave becomes a stone wall that blocks the enemy for 5 seconds. This will give him good skills. Although this skill can cause both good and bad things, a good understanding of how to use this skill will be very useful. You have to practice this skill well.

Wild Charge – Launches forward, dealing 300 physical damage to enemies in its path. If it collides with a wall or tower, it will cause the affected enemy to take 450 physical damage to nearby enemies and reduce the colddown of this skill by 30%. Use the Guardians barrier skill first, right behind the enemy, then use this skill to slide into the wall and there will be a tremendous effect from this skill. And even better, this coldown skill will be reduced by 30%.


Item tips: At the beginning of the game, I immediately bought 3 items, which one is a magic necklace

With these items, at the beginning of the game you can spam your power of nature skills against enemies or farm to minions without having to worry about running out of mana.

But remember to sell this item when you already have the 3 build items above so that there is a slot for adding new items.


For battle spells, grock is suitable to use the petrify spell. Use this spell when you use your ultimate skill: scenario: Remove the stone wall behind the opponent’s hero after the opponent’s hero is locked release the ulti to the stone wall then after grock collides with a stone wall use the petrify battle spell This is to stun the opponent.


Because grock is a tanker hero, a good emblem for him is the Tank Emblem

General Guide to Playing Grock and Tips

1. Always maximize your 2nd Power of nature skill first because this skill is very useful for attacking enemies or for farming

2. Hide behind the bushes and when the enemy has arrived, activate skill 2, still check it out, don’t go out and when the skill is full, move straight to the enemy and release this skill, the enemy affected by this skill will take considerable damage.

3. For skill combos during war, namely skill 3 + Ulti + skill 2. First wait for the right time, try to make the enemy advance in large numbers after there is an opportunity to release skill 3, adjust the position of the stone wall to fall right behind the enemy hero and then ulti to the wall, the enemy passed by this ulti will be damaged and the enemy when the grock hits the wall then the enemy is stunned then use skill 2 to finish off the enemy.

4 Skill Guardians Barrier is a skill that can be profitable or can be detrimental if the stone wall is misplaced. So use this skill to block the opponent’s hero’s path so he can’t escape by placing a stone wall behind the opponent’s hero or also helping your hero or team hero to escape by placing a stone wall in front of the opponent’s hero so that the opponent’s hero can’t advance. 😀 Use the right felling in removing this stone wall with good practice you will be able to use this 3 skill well.

5. Grock will be suitable for use if your team picks a hero with area skills such as Odete, Gord, Aurora and other heroes with the ultimate skill area.

6. Grock is a tanker hero so play like a tanker and Grock is a war regulator, so you have to choose the right time to open a war if you are wrong it will be fatal to your team.


Grock is the best tanker hero at the moment but there are some disadvantages when playing grock where grock needs a team that responds well where when grock opens war his team must immediately attack and grock must be accompanied by a hero who has ultimate area skills because if not there then ultimate grock would be useless and he would be killed for nothing.

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