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Machete Sabertooth Slash FF Skin, Free, Info and How to Get It -

Skin Machete Sabertooth Slash FF

Skin Machete Sabertooth Slash FF – Free Fire always provides interesting events for players every month. On June 11, 2021, there is now the Rampage: New Dawn event as a welcome for the new game mode that will be released. Lots of cool items that will be displayed and you can get for free. One of the skins presented in this event is Machete Sabertooth Slasher, which is a skin with a very attractive war appearance. The presence of this event is certainly eagerly awaited by fans of the Free Fire game. We will summarize the complete information briefly and make it easier for you to get the Machete Sabertooth Slash FF Skin for free. Want to know how to get it? then see the explanation below.

Getting to know the Machete Sabertooth Slash FF Skin

The Machete Sabertooth Slash FF skin will now be coming soon to the latest Free Fire event, namely the Rampage: New Dawn event. The presence of these skins can make it easier for you to fight enemies on the battlefield, and give an interesting impression that you can feel when you use it. Its cool appearance makes players feel confident when faced with opponents or enemies. Not only new skins will be displayed in this event but there are several skins and also new dawn warrior-themed bundles, you can also get them for free without having to transfer or top up.

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Another leak is the existence of an incubator and also a new bundle which is the theme of this event. Melee weapons will also get a suitable skin when paired with a sabertooth bundle with a purple color combination and has an electric effect, of course making this weapon cooler when used to attack opponents. The symbol depicted in the melee weapon is a white tiger logo in the middle which means that the weapon is owned by a new dawn fighter, Frost Sabertooth. For those of you who want to get the Machete Sabertooth Slash Skin without having to spend money at all, the method is very easy, just by logging in through the peak day event you can already get it. The log-in period is only 1 day from 26 to 27 June 2021, with a very limited time so you must quickly claim Machete Sabertooth Slash before it runs out and cannot be accessed.

How to Get Machete Sabertooth Slash FF Skin

The Skin Machete Sabertooth Slash FF event is very limited, to be able to get it, you must not be late to log in first. Check out the methods below.

  1. Log in to the Free Fire game before 26 June 2021 on a smartphone or PC.
  2. To be able to get the prize, you must enter the official website of the Rampage New Dawn Event.
  3. If there is an icon that says “Login Mission” then it is likely that you can get other attractive prizes.
  4. Click the mission login page to get the main prize, namely Skin Machete Sabertooth Slash FF

That’s an easy way to get Skin Machete Sabertooth Slash FF, its cool appearance is certainly interesting for you to use when fighting enemies. You can also get various kinds of prizes in this event. Are you ready to get it? then wait 26 to 27 June to be able to make a claim. Good luck…

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