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Location of the Miramar Pubg Mobile Hot Drop, here's the update info -

Miramar Hot Drop Locations

Miramar Pubg Mobile Hot Drop Locations – Miramar is one of the most extensive maps in the pubg mobile game. This map is also quite popular and is often chosen by players. Several special modes that are often present on pubg mobile are also often held on the map. So don’t be surprised if Miramar is always crowded.

This map with the characteristics of an arid desert area certainly has many loot spots. Knowing about the best loot spots can be very beneficial for players. For that, the following is the latest update on Miramar Pubg Mobile Hot Drop Locations. Curious? Here’s the full review.

Miramar Pubg Mobile Hot Drop Location Update Info

Loot becomes an important activity before starting the battle. Loot speed will provide its own advantages for players. Too long looting can make players easily targeted by enemies so that they die quickly. To avoid this, it is necessary to know a location that is indeed popular for looting quality items. Well, here is the complete information.

  1. Water Treatment

The first hot drop location is the water treatment area. This is an area that plays a role in providing water sources on the Miramar map which is indeed in a tropical area. You can find lots of quality loot in the rooms in the building from the water reservoir. This location is quite open, so when loot here you have to be careful so you don’t become an easy target for the enemy.

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  1. Los Leones

Next is the urban area, to be more precise it is the largest city in Miramar. Here you can find many buildings and housing. This location is close to the construction area. This location stores abundant loot which is also of high quality, so don’t be surprised if it is included in the Miramar hot drop list. You can find loot items in buildings. And again – again have to be careful, because this location is very popular.

  1. San Martin

Next is San Martin, still an urban area too, which has many buildings and factories. Loot items can be found in buildings or factories there. San Martin also has a lot of loot, so many are also attracted to this area. The location for San Martin is to the west of the Hacienda Del Patron area.

  1. Hacienda Del Patron

The next hot drop location is Hacienda Del Patron, an area with many large villas. The area of ​​this villa complex is not very large, so it will be easy to run into enemies. Therefore you have to be careful. Players can loot in these large villas. Usually, players will drop first at this location, then continue to loot in San Martin, if they feel less.

  1. El Pozo

The last one is in el pozo, an industrial city area with many buildings. There are also several residential areas that hold a lot of loot items. For loot item locations, most of them are in a circular building in the center of the city. The circular building is often referred to as the Devil Barrel.

Miramar’s vast map area does have loot locations scattered. The information above is Miramar Pubg Mobile Hot Drop Locations which you can go to while playing on the map. Well, that’s the info that can be discussed this time, hopefully it’s useful, and I’ll see you in the next article.

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