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Location of Kid Kujirai Genshin Impact, here's the complete info -

Location of Kid Kujirai Genshin Impact

Location of Kid Kujirai Genshin Impact – There are many new interesting quests in Genshin Impact ver 2.0 this time. Among them is the temari mini game, in this quest travelers can find a number of secrets and hidden characters in the Inazuma region. Of course the player will get a reward after successfully completing the quest, the prize is in the form of a chest.

In completing the Temari mini game quest, you must know Location of Kid Kujirai Genshin Impact. This is an important thing in order to be able to unlock missions from the temari mini game. To help, this article will explain the location of the Kujirai Kid in the review below.

Location of Kid Kujirai Genshin Impact

Kid kujirai is an NPC who will give instructions in opening the temari mini game. This means that to be able to complete this mini game, it is mandatory to meet with kid kujirai. The troublesome thing is, the location of the NPC will move after successfully completing the first mission. Besides that, there are no clues as to where the next location of kid kujirai is. Therefore, many travelers have difficulty completing this mini game. In fact, there are a total of 6 kid kujirai locations that all must be found. But you don’t need to worry, because 6 locations of the kujirai kid have been found. Namely as follows,

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  1. Inside the snake head bone on Yashiori island
  2. On a lower sloping hill facing the beach
  3. Coastline hills to the southwest of Arumi
  4. Under the Jakotsu mine cave or passage
  5. The southernmost Tatarasuna near the cliff
  6. East of the shogun’s castle in inazuma city

In each of the locations above, you will get a total of 3 game phases to do. At each location, you will be rewarded if you successfully complete all the games.

Preparation Before Playing Temari Mini Game

After knowing the location of Kid Kujirai, you can directly visit the location, complete the game, and get the prize. But before that, it would be better if you make preparations in advance so that it can be easy to complete all the temari mini games. The preparations are as follows:

  • If you have Rosaria then take the quest at night. If you have more than one anemo character, then take advantage of the anemo elemental resonance you have. If you have both options above, then use both, so the quest will be completed faster. Remember the main key in completing the quest this time is time.
  • Each location has different facilities and gimmicks, so it’s a good idea to observe the location before playing to make it easier to take shortcuts in completing quests.

How to Complete Temari Mini Game Quests

After making preparations and knowing the location of kid kujirai, the next step is to complete the temari mini game. Landscape talking to the Kid Kujirai volume is a hint as to where to hide Temari, so it’s worth paying attention to. To complete this quest, you may fail on the first try, but don’t give up right away. Take this failure as a lesson so that you can succeed in the future. And what must be considered is the quest time limit, which is 30 seconds, so you must be able to take the right shortcut to be able to complete the quest within the available time duration.

That is why it is necessary to make preparations before starting to play. Well, that was the info Location of Kid Kujirai Genshin Impact. Hopefully the explanation above can help in completing the Temari mini game quest faster and smoother.

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