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Location of the Genshin Impact Relay Stone, Find the Info Here -

Genshin Impact Stone Relay Location

Genshin Impact Stone Relay Location – After doing many updates in genshin impact version 2.0, this time MiHoYo has prepared a lot of interesting content for travelers. Among them are the latest quests and events. By playing on these quests and events, you will be able to get attractive prizes.

From a number of interesting content, there is a puzzle quest. In this quest, travelers must complete a puzzle to get a chest prize. To be able to solve the puzzle, a traveler must first know about Genshin Impact Stone Relay Location. The relay stone item is used to complete the puzzle quest in genshin impact.

Quest Relay Stone Puzzle Genshin Impact

There are 5 relay stone puzzle quests in Tatarasuna on Kannazuha Island in the Inazuma region. Completing puzzles can give players access to chest exquisiteness. In this quest there are three important components, namely the Discharge stone (DS), which can shoot harmless electric currents. Then the Cumulation stone (CS), absorbs electrical energy from the DS. Finally, the Relay stone (RS), can deliver current coming out of the DS. In solving this puzzle, the player must complete the circuit from DS to reach CS. To do this, it takes an RS alias relay stone. There will be several relay stones that can be picked up at certain locations. Therefore, it is necessary to know where the location of the relay stone is.

Genshin Impact Stone Relay Location

As explained above, it is necessary to know the location of the relay stone to be able to solve the tatarasuna puzzle quest in the latest genshin impact. Here are 16 locations where the relay stone is located.

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  1. Chinju Forest
  2. Yougou Mountain
  3. Araumi
  4. Konda Desa Village
  5. On the mountain Yougou
  6. In the abyss
  7. Near teleport
  8. In the furnace
  9. At the beach area kujou campsite
  10. At the kujou underground camp
  11. At the camp at the top of the kujou hill
  12. Nazuchi Beach
  13. Jakotsu Mine
  14. Higi Village
  15. Musoujin Gorge
  16. Yashiori Island beach

By visiting all the locations above, you will be able to get enough relay stones to solve all the puzzles in the latest quest.

Interesting Facts of Genshin Impact Relay Stone Puzzle Quest

In this quest the participants will get a prize, namely a chest. The chest can be used to level up sacred sakura more quickly. As you know that in order to claim prizes, and access locations that are still sealed, players must reach at least the sacred sakura level 20. That’s why chests are needed for this. Regarding the relay stone puzzle quest, the main thing is to make sure that the relay stones have been connected to each other to successfully solve the entire puzzle. So the puzzle is different from the puzzle in general. More unique and fun for sure. For those of you who are still confused, you can try watching the video tutorial on youtube about the relay stone puzzle quest. That way you can definitely understand how to solve the puzzle.

That was the info about Genshin Impact Stone Relay Location. Hopefully the information above can make it easier for travelers to complete the quest. Thus the review that can be discussed this time. Get game news, tips and tricks, and other updates in other articles. Don’t miss it, and thank you.

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