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Leveling Ragnarok X New Generation, Use The Following Tips -

Ragnarok X New Generation Leveling

Ragnarok X New Generation Leveling – Gravity has just released the latest new generation Ragnarok X. This is a series that RO mania has been waiting for a long time. Because this new ragnarok is the first time to use 3D visuals for mobile games. Ragnarok itself is a game whose main mechanism is farming.

Leveling is a must in this game. For those who are new to the Ragnarok game, it may be difficult to level up. For that, you need to use the right tips to be able to level up Ragnarok X New Generation more quickly. Want to know what the tips are like? Check below.

The Latest Tips for Leveling Ragnarok X New Generation

To do leveling in the game Ragnarok X new generation, you need to understand about farming. Many beginners find it difficult to level up because they are hindered by this farming. Finally so give up and lazy to level. So, to prevent this, use the following tips.

  1. Master the Arena and Monsters

Knowing about the arena and monsters is important. Players need to know about the amount of EXP of each monster and mob in each arena. The goal is to find out which monsters are effective. For example, between spore and creamy. Spore has a bit more EXP, but because it is creamy from base EXP, Creamy is superior when farming. In addition, Spore is also in two bases so that it is just right creamy.

  1. Choose the right job

In choosing an existing job also need to be considered. Because not all jobs are effective in doing farming. Knowing which jobs are good in farming and which ones can’t be a good consideration. So that you can find the most appropriate job to facilitate farming and not hinder leveling.

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  1. Complete all quests

Ragnarok always presents various important quests. If you want to level up quickly, then complete all the existing quests. This can be used to gain a lot of EXP. Quests in the game Ragnarok X new generation are divided into main and side. It’s better to finish the main quest first and then proceed to the side quest.

  1. Joint at Carnival

Joint at the carnival can make you get a lot of benefits. Carnival itself is an important event in the game. You can get a lot of extra EXP that is useful for leveling by participating in the carnival. In connection with the carnival, here are some important activities that should not be missed. Namely daily, mission, Coc Mission, and OX Quiz.

  1. Use Odin;s Blessing . system

Ragnarok X new generation presents a new system, namely Odin;s Blessing. This system is very helpful for farming. You can get zeny and EXP many times by using the features in the system. But for additional advice you should use this system only when farming at a high level. This is because the rate function described above is not acceptable for zenny and EXP gained from missions.

Those are some tips that will help make leveling easier in the new game Ragnarok X next generation. In addition, you can also try to activate AFK farming. So that’s all the info about the tips Ragnarok X New Generation Leveling. Hopefully the above explanation can be useful for readers. Until here first article this time, see you in the next topic.

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