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Latest PUBG Mobile June 2021 Reedem Code, Exchange Now -

PUBG Reedem Code

PUBG Mobile Reedem code June 2021 – PUBG Mobile or PlayerUnknown’ Battleground was created in collaboration between Tencent Games, Quantum Studio Group and Lightspeed which was present in March 2021. Armed with the great success previously achieved in the PC version and the many awards it won, PUBG Mobile also released. However, to be able to play it, you need a smartphone with upper middle class specifications. If your smartphone specifications are still not sufficient, don’t worry, there is a lighter PUBG Mobile Lite. In June 2021, there is a PUBG Mobile June 2021 Reedem Code that has been released. Check out the code below and immediately exchange it for interesting items in the game.

Latest PUBG Mobile Reedem Code and How to Claim It

In addition to exciting calls to fight each other in the game arena, players can add to the fun of playing by having a variety of weapon skins and clothing skins. Using the PUBG Mobile Reedem code and also UC Top Up which can be done at the nearest minimarket. The reedem code on PUBG Mobile serves to get game items for free. The code usually comes directly from Tencent Games itself as the developer of PUBG Mobile. However, there are several terms and conditions that must be met in order to get a redemption code, namely:

  1. Reedem code can only be exchanged once for each player.
  2. Reedem can only be done on the official PUBG Mobile website.
  3. Pay attention to every expired date on the reedem code because the reedem code cannot be reused if it has passed the expiration date.
  4. Reedem code cannot be canceled once a claim has been made.

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After paying attention to the various requirements above, here is a list of reedem codes for June 2021.

1.BBKTZEZET3PUBG Operation Leo Set Legendary Outfit
2.BBKRZBZBF9 1 Free PUBG Canon Popularity
3.BBVNZBZ4M9Free PUBG Football and Chicken Popularity
4.MIDASBUYFree rename card and room card
5.DKJU9GTDSM1000 Silver Fragments
6.EKJONARKJOUnlimited M416 Gun Skin
8.DKJU5LMBPYPUBG Mobile Free Silver Fragments
9.UCBYSD600600 UC
10.BBKVZBZ6FW2 Red Tea Popularity

In addition to the reedem code above, there is a special code that is used to obtain the Iron Berserker Legendary Outfit, namely: SDLIRNBRSKR

The reedem code above can be claimed in the following ways:

  1. Players just need to open the PUBG Mobile page, which is
  2. In the top left bar, right next to your profile, fill in the character ID in the first column.
  3. Then, in an empty space, type the reedem code above.
  4. Meanwhile, in the last blank, type the verification code.
  5. In the next screen, players just click the Redeem button.
  6. Players just stand by in the email to receive prizes from the reedem code.

If during the claim process the above method fails or fails, it can be repeated again by entering a reedem code that is different from the code that was previously inputted. Immediately claim the reedem code code above because the reedem code is first-rate, so you can say that the reedem code is limited. If many players have made claims using the reedem code above, the code will expire. So much information about the PUBG Mobile Reedem Code June 2021, don’t forget to make a claim immediately.

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