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Latest PMNC 2021 Pubg Mobile Bundle, Info and How to Get It -

PMNC 202 Bundle

PMNC 2021 Pubg Mobile Bundle – The Pubg Mobile National Championship Indonesia Tournament knows this is ongoing. This PMNC tournament is part of an open tournament before the upcoming PMPL ID season 4. Various strong teams compete with each other to get tickets so they can compete in the next PMPL ID tournament.

Currently the PMNC event is entering the final round which will take place from 17 to 18 July 2021. In connection with the tournament, Pubg Mobile presents a special PMNC 2021 edition bundle. For those who are curious about PMNC 2021 Pubg Mobile Bundle Latest. Get complete information in this review.

Latest PMNC 2021 Pubg Mobile Bundle Info

The prestigious PMNC 2021 event has been attended by a total of 16 strong teams to compete for 9 tickets to compete in PMPL ID Season 4. There are 12 rounds of matches, to determine which teams can compete in PMPL ID this season. In order to enliven the final round of the PMNC tournament, Pubg Mobile exclusively released a special bundle. Like the name of the tournament, this bundle is named PMNC 2021. The appearance of this bundle is quite interesting, after the sports clothes which consist of a jacket and pants complete with shoes.

The jacket is a combination of pink and light blue, as well as some orange accents. The shoes are also the same, namely the combination of pink and light blue. The pants are like dark blue jeans. There is the PMNC 2021 logo, as well as a cute little cow doll accessory. Overall this bundle looks fashionable and in accordance with the new concept of pubg mobile at this time with the theme of the future.

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How to Get PMNC 2021 PUBGM Special Bundle

This special PMNC 2021 bundle can be obtained by participating in the PMNC login giveaway event. As the name suggests in this event, participants must login to win the giveaway prize. The trick is, follow these steps.

  1. Login to the pubg mobile game, then enter the event menu, look for the PMNC Login Giveaway event.
  2. By logging in regularly every time, players will get a number of prizes from the event.
  3. Players just need to log in every day during the event period, then open the main event page to claim the prize.
  4. This event will take place from July 16 to July 29, 2021.
  5. Every day there will be cool prizes that can be obtained from this giveaway login event.
  6. Especially for the main prize, namely the PMNC 2021 bundle, there are additional requirements to be able to get it.
  7. The condition is that you have to upgrade to the Elite pass at a price of 666 UC.
  8. The main prize for the PMNC 2021 bundle, will be distributed on the last day of the event for participants who have upgraded the Elite Pass.
  9. There are also other missions to get other additional prizes, namely by following, official social media accounts from Pubg mobile, pubg mobile esports, and others.
  10. By completing these missions, you will be able to get additional attractive prizes.

How, isn’t it easy to get attractive prizes at the PMNC login giveaway event?

So what are you waiting for, upgrade your elite pass right now and join the PMNC login giveaway event. Well, that’s all the discussion about how to get PMNC 2021 Pubg Mobile Bundle Latest. Hopefully it can be useful for readers and fans of pubg mobile.

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