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Latest Info Destiny 2 Secret Quest Corridors Of Time Here -

Destiny 2 Secret Quest

Destiny 2 Secret Quest – Return to the corridors of time to find out what Vex is up to, complete secret missions and get secret rewards. Destiny 2 is a game that has a long history with lots of secrets and fun puzzles. This week has been an exciting week for Destiny 2 fans, as there’s a lot of new content in the new Destiny 2 The Season Dawn. In this latest season, there is also a surprising thing, namely the existence of a new quest, namely Explore the Corridors of time. The new quest is also equipped with big puzzles that must be solved to get rewards in the game Destiny 2 Secret Quest.

For those of you who are curious about the latest related information Destiny 2 Secret Quest corridors of time, so in the following review I will mention important points that will be very useful. Without further ado, let’s get it!

  • This quest mission will take you back to the corridor of time, which is a strange interdimensional gate used by Vex and related to Osiris’ Sundial on Mercury. At the start of the season, players will time travel to save Saint – 14.
  • After successfully completing the Saint – 14 rescue mission, Orisis then wanted the players to return to the corridor to explore and find out what the deal was. However, the main problem is that the corridor that must be explored is in the form of a maze so that it will be confusing.
  • For that, the first step is to go to Osiris’s place on Mercury to have a conversation. Make a claim from the Exploring the Corridors of time mission to him, this aims to be able to activate Sundial so that it can bring players back to a strange world, namely the Strange realm.
  • Next, just find out the right way, corridors or corridors are a series of doors that connect to large rooms full of Vex. Each door also has a different sign.
  • Right now members of the rreddit community r / raidsecrets Destiny are working on finding the right path to avoid getting lost while on this quest.
  • From the latest information quoted from gamespot, a total of 19 paths have been verified. By using this path, players can continue to complete missions with knowledge from the book The Pigeon and The Phoenix.
  • There is a code for each path, the code will appear periodically in the Sundial obelisks that are around the solar system. This seems to be the key to being able to win a different knowledge entry each time.
  • Each of the 19 codes will reveal a part of a larger map that will have to be rebuilt bit by bit. So far no one knows what it will lead to.
  • Now to be able to get 19 books of knowledge, players must access the Timelost Vault through the 19 paths that have been found.
  • There are 19 pathway codes, each of which consists of 7 codes that you must know to gain knowledge from the book The Pigeon And The Phoenix.

That’s the latest info from Destiny 2 Secret Quest in the game Destiny 2 Corridors of Time. The information above will definitely be very helpful to be able to complete the secret mission this time in the game Destiny 2 The Season Of Dawn.

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