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Know the Difference between Paid Games and Editor's Choice Games on Android

paid games

In Android smartphones, many types of games with various categories are offered, one of which is the paid game category. Paid popular games are one of the games that are believed to have many advantages and benefits provided. Another well-known category that is usually provided and must be displayed on the google play store menu is the editor’s choice game. These two game categories provide many exciting and varied game genres. You can enjoy many types of games very satisfied and also interesting. Although the two categories have many similarities, there are slight differences between the two game categories. If you are curious about the differences between the game category and the editor’s choice of games, just check the full review below.

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Popular Paid Games

Paid popular games are games that are not free and require capital if you want to download or play the game. Many popular games are provided in the google play store and you can find several types of popular games on the Play Station such as GTA San Andreas, GTA IV, GTA III, Final Fantasy, Bully anniversary edition, call of duty and other popular games on play stations. Many types of game choices are provided for you in the popular paid games category on the google play store.

Paid popular games in the google play store do not necessarily guarantee the satisfaction of players who play and download the game. Not all paid games provided will be able to guarantee the quality of the game. Therefore, players who want to download popular paid games need to pay attention to many things before downloading the game. The quality offered by each game is certainly very different and the price is one of the quality factors of the game. Although not all quality is guaranteed by the price, the advantages of the game are measured by the price offered. =

Editor’s Choice Games

Editor’s choice games or editor’s choice have a slight difference from popular paid games on Android smartphones. The editor’s choice or editor’s choice game is a game that is chosen and recommended directly by the editor or Google to you customers. In the game editor’s choice provided, you can be presented with many types of games that are popular and have certain advantages. The editor’s choice of games will be guaranteed to satisfy you in the games provided by the game. Only certain games will be recommended for you in the category of editor’s choice or editor’s choice.

To get the appendage of editor’s choice itself, the game must have advantages and interesting things. The advantages and disadvantages of the game can in certain ways attract Google to make it a game with the editor’s choice category. Google has also determined the standard criteria for the game that will be selected as the editor’s choice game. Only games that can pass Google’s criteria can enter this category. So, the thing that differentiates popular paid games and editor’s choice games is the quality of the game.

And that’s a complete review of the differences between paid games and editor’s choice games on Android smartphones. Please select the game category that interests you and play the game only through your Android smartphone. It seems quite clear and detailed in the review of this article, so many reviews and see you in the next review.

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