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How to use 2 WhatsApp in 1 cellphone (Without Root)

If you want to create dual WA so that it can make it easier to manage between WhatsApp accounts for business and individuals, then this post about how to use 2 WhatsApp in one cellphone will help you.

1 Hp 2 WA different number

Almost all the latest android phones have implemented dual SIM card slots. With this feature, it is possible to create 2 whatsapp in one android phone.

Whatsapp does not formally provide the feature of using dual whatsapp on one android phone. However, that means it’s not something you can’t do, because you just need an extra app to do it.

How to Use 2 WhatsApp in One Android

The majority of people want to use multiple WhatsApp accounts, namely so that they can easily separate important numbers such as work or business and the number used to talk with friends, family and relatives.

Here Babang will give you a guide on how to install 2 WhatsApp all in one Android phone without root for those of you who are still beginners.

Dual Apps Features

2 WhatsApp 1 HP

Because there are many smartphone users who really need the dual WhatsApp and dual application features that can be used as a separator for business and everyday life. From the brands of the latest Android phones, they even provide an application clone feature by default.

Almost all Android brands in Indonesia currently provide an application multiplier feature. Below is the list:

  • Samsung – Dual Messenger
  • Xiaomi / MIUI – Dual Apps
  • Oppo – Clone Apps
  • Vivo – App Clone
  • Asus – Twin apps
  • Huawei – App Twin

If you use one of the latest android phones from the brands above, it means you can use 2 whatsapp in one android phone very easily.

Here’s how to use 2 WA in 1 HP:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Android phone.
  2. Look for the application multiplier feature that matches your Android phone usually in Applications > Dual Applications.
  3. After that select the Whatsapp application.
  4. Enable dual app option for whatsapp.
  5. Now you have successfully installed 2 WhatsApp at once.
  6. Register the number in your whatsapp application as usual.

This procedure is quite safe and recommended because it is very easy and you do not need additional applications and without requiring root access.

WhatsApp Business

How to use 2 WhatsApp accounts

As the name suggests, WhatsApp Business, which means the Whatsapp application for business is very suitable if you use it as a dual WhatsApp method. The WhatsApp business application and the ordinary WhatsApp application can be run simultaneously on one cellphone.

How to use 2 WhatsApp at the same time on one cellphone:

  1. Install [aplikasi WhatsApp Business] via Google Playstore.
  2. Once installed, open the WhatsApp Business application.
  3. Create a whatsapp account with a cellphone number.
  4. Finished.

This procedure can be said to be quite safe, because this application WhatsApp Business is a formal application from the WhatsApp company so that there will be no problems or obstacles.

So you can use this application, namely by using business WA and regular WA in one cellphone. So you can use 2 WA accounts on one cellphone.

And what needs to be observed is that you can’t change your cellphone number on WhatsApp Business as it is on regular Whatsapp. If you want to change your cellphone number, then you must reinstall the WA Business application and then delete the application information first.

Parallel Space

How to duplicate WA without an application

Parallel Space is an alternative way if your Android phone doesn’t provide a duplicate application service feature by default. This application is quite famous as an application that can duplicate whatsapp.

How to dual whatsapp with parallel space:

  1. Install [aplikasi Parallel Space] from Playstore.
  2. Open the application then tap the CONTINUE button.
  3. Give the required permissions then press START.
  4. After that put a check for the WhatsApp application.
  5. Then tap the Add to Parallel Space button.
  6. Open the WhatsApp application and register as usual.
  7. Done, you have successfully used 2 WhatsApp.

Very easy isn’t it? Not only is it often used for how to use 2 WA, this application can duplicate all the applications on your Android phone.

But if you experience obstacles when using the Parallel Space application or because your Android phone is not compatible. Then you can use Parallel Space Lite.

The Parallel Space Lite app is an app in a lighter genre. So, if your cellphone is having problems, try using Parallel Space Lite, then everything will run without a hitch.

GBWhatsApp Mod

How to create 2 WA accounts without an application

GBWhatsApp is a very popular WhatsApp MOD application. Not only does it provide more features than the original WhatsApp, this application can also help you to open 2 WhatsApp in 1 cellphone at once.

Here’s how to create 2 WhatsApp accounts:

  1. download [aplikasi GBWhatsApp] first.
  2. After that, install the application on the cellphone.
  3. Once installed, open the app then tap Agree and Continue.
  4. Register the HP number the same as when registering for WhatsApp.
  5. Finished.

Now you have successfully installed 2 WhatsApp all in 1 HP, namely the original WA application and GBWhatsApp. You can run both types of WhatsApp applications simultaneously on one Android phone.

There are several ways to use 2 WhatsApp in 1 cellphone that you can try for dual WA. Which is the most efficient way for you? Please leave an opinion regarding the installation information of 2 WhatsApp via the comments column.

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