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How to Spam WhatsApp Chat (BOM Chat) Automatically without Root

How to Spam Chat WhatsApp (BOM Chat) Automatically Easily

If you want to prank your girlfriend, friends, family, you better try their WA chat bomb.

However, it will feel boring if you use the manual method by sending messages one by one and of course it is very time-consuming and energy-consuming, right?

On this occasion, Babang will provide the easiest way to bomb WhatsApp chat automatically. You can even send more than 1 to millions of chats quickly. Here’s how to send chat messages that can annoy other people!

Send WA Chat Bombs using the Labalabi Application

You can send as many spam chats as you want to prank your friends with the Labalabi for WhatsApp application. With this application, it is guaranteed that you can spam chat as you like without the need to type manually.

To download the Labalabi for WhatsApp application for free below

Using this one application is also quite easy, you know, you only need a few steps that are guaranteed to work for spam chat. Check out the following steps boss!

Steps for Spam Chat WA with Labalabi

To be able to use this application, you have to follow several steps.

You don’t need to worry, because the steps that Babang will provide are very easy to understand and are equipped with pictures.

Just follow the steps below

Step 1 – Install the Labalabi Application

The first thing you need to do, of course, is to install this application on Android smartphone you. If it is installed, immediately open the application then you have to agree Terms and Conditions Agreement you just choose Accept.

download whatsapp bomb chat apk

Step 2 – Activate the Labalabi App

To be able to activate the Labalabi application, you must enter Settings accesbility then swipe toggle to the right to activate. When it appears pop-up please select OK.

whatsapp blank message copy and paste

Step 3 – Open the WA App to start spam chat

Now is your time to BOM chat to the target you want. After the Labalabi application is installed it will be visible in your WA application.

Immediately, you select the target you want to spam the chat with by entering the conversation, then you press the floating button until the choice of how many chats you want to send appears and enter the contents of the chat as you wish.

download whatsapp spam app

Step 4 – Send WA Chat Spam

If you have entered the number of messages and the contents of the message, please select Send.

Done, you have successfully sent a WA chat bomb automatically without the hassle.

Alternative Spam Chat using Blank Messages

In addition to using Labalabi, there are other alternative applications to spam chat with your crush, friends, or anyone you want to work with.

By using this application, you can send a blank chat (blank message) to the target you want to bomb chat with in a short time.

The empty chats that your friends receive are certainly very annoying, because they are curious about what you sent, they even think their WhatsApp has an error.

How to use the Blank Messages Apk, the Latest Bomb Chat Application

How to spam WhatsApp with this application is very easy, you know, because you don’t need to do other additional settings.

Therefore, Babang has summarized the steps to use this application. Check out the steps below

Step 1 – Install Blank Messages
To be able to use this application, of course, you must first install the application. Just download below

Download Blank Messages

Step 2 – Open Blank Messages
Once installed, please open it and then enter the number of blank chats that you will send to the target.

how to spam wa without app

Step 3 – Select the contact to send Spam Chat

After selecting the number of blank chats, please select Send. After that you will be redirected to the WhatsApp application.

When the WA application is open, please select the contact you want to bomb WA.

labalabi for whatsapp apk

Done, you managed to bomb blank chat to the person you want to work with.

blank messages for whatsapp apk

How to Spam WhatsApp Chat without an Application

If you want to try the WhatsApp spam method without an application, you can do it with the method below. This method only needs to use WhatsApp Web and a spam chat script. Here are the steps

  1. Open a web browser on a PC, you can use Firefox or Chrome.
  2. Then copy the WA chat bomb script here
  3. After that, open the WhatsApp Web site
  4. If so, open the console script menu then paste the script that was previously copied.
  5. Press the enter button to start spam chat WA
    how to spam WA without an application

  6. Select the target you want to spam the chat
  7. Enter the words you want to spam
    how to spam WA without an application

  8. Then click Spam and enter the number of messages you want to send.
    how to spam WA without an application

  9. Finished.

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