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How to Play Jump Force Game on Android

How to Play Jump Force Game on Android

Jump Force is a game made by Bandai that contains anime characters from Shonen Jump such as Goku, Naruto, Luffy and other anime characters from Shonen Jump Comics.

This Jump Force game can already be played on PC, XBox One, and PS4 devices. This game can also be played online or offline.

In this article, Babang will provide a tutorial on how to play the Jump Force game on Android. You must be wondering “Is it really possible?” The answer is clear “Sure you can!”. To be able to play it, you just have to have an Android smartphone connected to a stable WiFi. You need to know, this game is not a Mod from any game or the original Jump Force game.

Just take a look at the following steps

  1. The first step, please open your Android smartphone, then connect to WiFi (highly recommended).
  2. Next, install Gloud Games on the Play Store. (Now it’s inactive, use the Chikii app)
    How to Play Jump Force Game on Android
  3. Open the pre-installed Gloud Games application, then search for “Jump Force” in the search, then select “Jump Force”.
    How to Play Jump Force Game on Android
  4. If so, please choose start game.
    How to Play Jump Force Game on Android
  5. Done, Enjoy
    How to Play Jump Force Game on Android


  • The connection must be fast and stable, if the connection is slow then the game display will break or even cannot be played.
  • Before entering the game, you have to watch 5 video ads.
  • For free players, you can only play for 30 minutes, to play to your heart’s content you have to pay.
  • Smartphone specifications don’t matter here, because cloud games or game streaming, but you can control it from your smartphone, so a potato cellphone can certainly play.

Update 2021, because Gloud Games has closed the server, the solution is to use the Chikii application on the Play Store, you can try it by CLICKING HERE, the method is the same as you use Gloud Games, namely installing, registering an account, looking for games, queuing / VIP, then playing the game.

The final word

So that’s how to play Jump Force on Android phones. If you follow the method above, it will work. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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