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How to Open the Shakkei Pavilion Genshin Impact Domain, Here's the Explanation -

How to Open Shakkei Pavilion Domain

How to Open the Shakkei Pavilion Genshin Impact Domain – MiHoYo made a major update on genshin impact version 2.0. The Inazuma Region was also officially opened in the update. Not only that, features, systems, events, characters, weapons, and many other new content. There are also quite a lot of new domains in Inazuma.

About these domains, there is one that is the most difficult to locate. Even though we have received information from the official Genshin Impact website, this domain is still not visible. To overcome this, this article will provide How to Open the Shakkei Pavilion Genshin Impact Domain easily. Check the info below.

Domain Shakkei Pavilion at Inazuma Genshin Impact

Currently the shakkei pavilion domain is a hot topic in the traveler community. The reason is that many players have difficulty finding the domain. Previously, in order to unlock the domain, players had to meet the existing terms and conditions. That is, you must have reached the adventure rank of level 30, and have completed the Tara Tales quest. Travelers who challenge this domain can get electro sigil prizes, primogems, and other attractive prizes. All domains provide beneficial facilities for players, including this shakkei pavilion domain. The special feature of this domain is the ability to teleport to that location whenever the player wants.

How to Open the Shakkei Pavilion Genshin Impact Domain

As mentioned above, reaching the Shakkei Pavilion domain is indeed difficult. To make it easier, you can use the following method.

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  1. Know the Location

First, you have to know the location of the domain shekkei pavilion, which is on an island called Tatarasuna which is in the middle of the new Inazuma region. To get to the island, players can use teleport. If you have, then you can continue to the domain location by flying. After arriving at the location in question, the door of the domain is not immediately visible. Therefore, you still have to take two more steps to be able to open the door and enter the new Shakkei Pavilion domain area.

  1. Go to Sebrang Island area

First go to the opposite island which is parallel to the location of the domain shakkei pavilion. When viewing the map, you will see a way point that shows the location of the key to be able to open the domain. If you have, go to the location, and do the third step to be able to enter the shekkei pavilion domain area.

  1. Use Cannon

The shakkei pavilion’s domain was not visible because it was blocked by a large rock. At that location there is a cannon that can be used to destroy the stone. By destroying the stone, the door to the domain location can be opened. How to use the cannon, you need electrogranum, then approach the cannon item and click the operate option. Then set the direction of the shot at the domain location. Just use a few angles to be more sure, then launch a shot until you get the Dropping Durian Collapse achievement. After getting the achievement, you can immediately. And finally just unlock it.

To unlock the domain, players must have completed the Tara Tales Quest. That was the info about How to Open the Shakkei Pavilion Genshin Impact Domain latest. Hopefully with the above method, it can make the traveler faster in opening the Shakkei Pavilion domain. Good luck, good luck. That’s all for the news about the Genshin Impact game this time, see you later.

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