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How to Logout Mobile Legends Account on Android and iOS HP

Many Mobile Legends players are worried that if their account is not safe, maybe they also have multiple accounts or want to create a new account so they have to log out of the Mobile Legends game.

How to Logout Mobile Legends Account (ML/MLBB)

Do you know how to log out of your Mobile Legends account? If not, then Babang will give a tutorial on how to log out or move Mobile Legends accounts. There are 3 ways to do this, please see below.

How to Logout Mobile Legends Android

How to Logout Mobile Legends Android Account

Some Mobile Legends players in Indonesia use Android devices to play. This method will help you to log out of the old account.

Open Mobile Legends Game

First you need to open the Mobile Legends game, make sure you use normal internet so that you can enter the Mobile Legends game easily. You will enter the main page after passing the loading screen.

Go to Profile Menu

If you have successfully entered your Mobile Legends game lobby, then please enter the Profile menu. After that you will see many menus, from the battlefield, history, streamers, to accounts. Click the account menu under the profile menu and you will see a menu to change your account or login to your Mobile Legends account.

Open the Switch Account Menu

Now to logout from the Mobile Legends account, you can do it in this section. Logging out is also almost the same as changing accounts, so to do this, you must make sure that you have a second account as an alternative.

Choose Logout Method

Finally, you can choose another account to play with. You can change to another account that is connected to a third party account such as VK, Facebook, Google Play Games or from Moonton itself.

How to Logout Mobile Legends on iOS (iPhone & iPad)

How to Logout Mobile Legends Account iPhone iPad

For you iOS users, you can try this way of logging out of Mobile Legends to keep your account safe.

Sign in with New iCloud Account

The first step, you just need to log in using an iCloud account or an Apple ID that is already linked to a Mobile Legends account. For those of you who are used to using an iPhone or iPad, you will have no trouble doing it. To do this, please go to Settings, then select iCloud and press logout from the account.

After that, you can directly enter the new iCloud account to the cellphone that you are using. Enter your email and password, follow all the process to completion.

Login to Mobile Legends

If you have successfully logged into your old Mobile Legends account, go to Account Settings. After that select the Profile menu then press Switch Account. There are different things when compared to Android users.

If you are using an Android phone, you can switch your Mobile Legends account through the Google Play Games service, but if you are an iOS user, you can switch accounts through the Game Center service.

Mobile Legends Account Switch

As explained earlier, you can directly switch accounts using Game Center. Unlike Google Play, in Game Center you only need to use one account.

The trick is quite easy, press Switch Account via Game Center and wait for a notification to appear when you have signed in with a new Apple ID account.

When a question appears, just press Yes or type OK. At this stage, you have successfully logged out of the old Mobile Legends account and have changed to a new account.

How to Logout Mobile Legends by Clearing Data

How to Logout Mobile Legends Account Delete Data

If you want to quit or create a new account, you can try this method. Please delete the Mobile Legends application data on your cellphone so that the old account can logout from the device.

Open the Settings menu on your cellphone

First, you need to open the Settings menu on the device you are using. You can access it by pressing the gear icon in the top right corner.

Select Application

After entering the Settings page, find and select the menu called Apps. Later you will be redirected to the application list page on your cellphone.

Choose Mobile Legends

The next step, look for the Mobile Legends application, after that select the game.

Clear Data

In this step, you need to delete Mobile Legends data. The method is very easy, click the Clear Data button, then click Clear All Data. If so, you can try to open the Mobile Legends application again. The initial view will change, you can log in with another account or create a new account.

This method is widely tried by those who want to retire from playing Mobile Legends or want to increase their account by creating it again.

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Guide to Maintaining Mobile Legends Account Security

How to Make Mobile Legends Account Safe

After you know how to log out of Mobile Legends, you need to understand how to keep your account safe. Some of the guidelines below might help you.

Use the New Secondary Account Verification feature

Not long ago, Moonton provided a feature called “New Secondary Account Verification” in its Mobile Legends game. This feature will help secure the account because every time the account is entered into a new device, it is necessary to verify first. With this feature, no one else will be able to enter your account on another device.

Connect with VK Account

If you have a VK account, it’s better to link your Mobile Legends account. There is an option to link the two so that the security of your Mobile Legends account is maintained.

The trick is very easy, open your Mobile Legends game, then click the profile picture. After that, press bind account then select VK account. Enter your VK account email and password, and press the blue button to confirm.

Connect with Google Play Games

Some of you must have known about this Google Play Games service. You can connect various types of games including Mobile Legends for security.

The trick itself is also easy, please enter your Mobile Legends game. After that select Account Settings then press bind account and select Google Play Games.

Please wait until the process is complete, then your Mobile Legends account will automatically be connected to the Google Play Games account on the cellphone.

Connect with Moonton Account

You can also try the option of using a Moonton account to connect to your Mobile Legends account. In terms of security, there is no need to doubt because this option is provided directly from the developer.

To connect it, please enter the Account Settings menu, after that press “Tap To Connect” which is next to the Moonton account option, after that press Connect Now.

Select Moonton Account, then press Register with Email. Then enter your email address and password, then please press the Accept Approval & Register button.

Open the email account, and look for the verification email from Moonton. After that press Activate Now to verify the Mobile Legends account with the Moonton account.

The final word

So that’s the way to logout from a Mobile Legends account easily without being complicated, of course. You can choose one of the methods above which you think is easier to do.

Hopefully useful and good luck!

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