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How to Install SP1 for Windows 7 Easily (Online and Offline)

As we know, if Windows 7 has many versions. Such as Starter Edition, Home, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate.

Not only that version, Windows 7 also has an updated version which is often referred to as SP1 or Service Pack 1.

Well, for those of you who don’t know what SP1 is on Windows 7, here Babang will explain and how to install it. Let’s have a look.

What is SP1 in Windows 7?

SP1 is a collection of data that serves to update features and add certain programs in Windows 7.

The updates themselves are quite a lot, the same as bug fixes in previous versions, additional features and system security, performance optimization and others.

The purpose of this SP1 is to make it easier for us as users. So we don’t need to install several separate update files. With just one package file only.

Note: SP1 is only available for Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise versions only.

Tutorial Install Windows 7 SP1 Via Windows Update

If your system has not installed Windows 7 SP1, you can install it yourself via Windows Update. Here are the steps.

1. Open Windows Update

The first step, please press the Windows Start button. After that type Windows Update in the search field. If it is found, click the Windows Update.

2. Click Check for Updates

After Windows Update appears, please click the Check for Updates button to start looking for the SP1 update file on the Windows 7 system.

3. Wait for the Update Search Process

Next, wait a few minutes for Windows Update to find the update file.

Later you will see a file with the name Service Pack for Microsoft Windows (KB976932). Click the Install Updates button when done.

4. Check Installation

After completing the installation, you can restart the computer or laptop that was used first.

After that, open the System feature in Windows search to check whether SP1 has been installed on your Windows 7 or not.

If you have, you will see the name of Service Pack 1 in the Windows Edition column.

How to Install Windows 7 SP1 Via Offline Installer

Not only through Windows Update, you can also install SP1 offline.

Here you are required to prepare the SP1 file. The advantage of this method is that the installation file can be placed.

So if at any time you need, you can install SP1 again without the need to re-download updates.

Here are the steps to install Windows 7 SP1 via the offline installer:

1. Run SP1 With Administrator Rights

First, of course, you must already have the SP1 file first. You can find the file on the Microsoft official web.

If so, please right-click the file and then select Run as Administrator. If there is a User Account Control notification, you can click Yes to continue the installation process.

Make sure your SP1 file matches the operating system architecture. Suppose the PC you are using is Windows 7 with a 32-bit architecture, then you must use SP1 X86.

2. Start Installing Service Pack 1

Here will appear a discussion box Install Windows Service Pack. Please click the Next button and Install to continue the installation.

3. Wait until the installation process is complete

Wait until the SP1 installation process ends. Generally it doesn’t take long, only 3-5 minutes. After the installation process ends, please restart the system.

4. Check Type SP1

Finally, you can check to make sure if the update file has been installed on your PC system or not.

The trick, please open CMD, type winver then press Enter. Later the About Windows discussion box will appear, and you can see the words Service Pack 1 in it.

So that’s the way to install SP1 on PCs and Laptops using Windows 7 using two methods, namely offline and online. Please choose which method you think is easier to do. Hope it’s useful

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