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How to Get a McLaren P1 Kyanos FF Skin, Here's the Explanation -

How to Get a McLaren P1 Kyanos FF Skin

How to Get a McLaren P1 Kyanos FF Skin – Garena ff released a special vehicle skin in collaboration with the famous mobile company McLaren. The skin has a design similar to the car from the company. McLaren is a company that often makes cars for F1 racing. With a special McLaren skin, it certainly makes the vehicle skin collection even cooler.

There are several types of special McLaren vehicle skins in the ff game. One of them is the Kyanos P1 Skin. The car skin has good stats with a cool look. The following is an explanation of How to Get a McLaren P1 Kyanos FF Skin latest.

The Latest McLaren P1 Kyanos FF Car Skin

The McLaren edition of the P1 Kyanos skin in free fire is inspired by the design of the F1 car. So don’t be surprised if the skin has a high speed. Including a sports car skin with a purplish blue color display. Has top speed (++), damage reduction (+), and damage (-). So it can go at super speed compared to other vehicles. The damage reduction it has also makes it stronger in receiving damage from the outside. Either when colliding with other objects or when attacked by enemies. For the damage itself, which is minus, this mobile cannot immediately kill the enemy with just one collision.

How to Get the Latest McLaren P1 Kyanos FF Skin

After learning about the McLaren P1 Kyanos skin above, it certainly makes many survivors want to own it. To be able to have this skin, the method is quite easy, namely by participating in the latest Faded Wheel FF event. In this latest edition, the main prize presented at this routine event is the McLaren P1 Kyanos skin replacing the Megalodon evo gun scar skin. The faded wheel event will start on July 25, 2021. In this event, participants will spin by first removing two unwanted prizes. This is a trick to increase your chances of winning the grand prize.

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For the first spin the price is 9 diamonds, on the next spin the price will continue to rise. If you are lucky, you can get this special skin by only removing a total of 9 diamonds. In addition to the faded wheel event, this skin can also be obtained through the lucky wheel feature. The system used in this feature is the same as in the faded wheel event. You can try using one of these methods to get a special skin for the McLaren P1 Kyanos.

Special Stats McLaren P1 Kyanos FF Skin

The McLaren P1 Kyanos special skin is also equipped with special stats, making it an overpowered vehicle skin. The presence of overpowered vehicle skins like this does make the game more interesting. The top speed and damage reduction on this vehicle really need to be applauded. The reason is to make the car so much faster than in general. You can combine this OP vehicle skin with the skills of Misha’s character to make the game more effective and challenging. So you survivors don’t have this special skin.

Thus the discussion that can be reviewed about How to Get a McLaren P1 Kyanos FF Skin. Use the method above and win the latest OP vehicle skin from ff. Until here, the discussion this time, hopefully it can be useful for all readers, especially survivors.

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