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How to Get the Latest Phantom Microzark FF Bundle 2021 -

How to Get Phantom Microzark FF Bundle

How to Get Phantom Microzark FF Bundle – Free fire is a battle royal game that already has a lot of fans. The game is currently being played by many gamers from various regions, especially in the country. Garena as the developer of the game, always holds interesting events and features for fans.

A number of events always provide cool prizes. There are also items in the form of bundles, weapons, emotes, and others that make the game even more exciting. As will be discussed in this article, namely about How to Get Phantom Microzark FF Bundle latest. Lately, survivors are interested in this cool bundle.

The Latest Phantom Microzark Free Fire Bundle

Phantom microzark is a new bundle that has been confirmed to be a gift at the regular faded wheel ff event this September. Faded wheel is an event that has been held regularly by ff. At the event, the list of prizes given is always updated, as this time the main prize is the latest Phantom Microzark bundle. The bundle is in the form of a costume set of robes and pants, complete with shoes and accessories for glasses.

The overall appearance is black with some purple line accents. Seen a male character with silver hair wearing the suit. Looks cool and mysterious. Not only that, reportedly the bundle can also issue a number of cool and unique effects. This makes the survivors interested and want to have it.

How to Get the Latest Phantom Microzark FF Bundle

To get a new bundle, Phantom microzark, is to participate in the latest faded wheel ff event. The plan is that the event will start from September 17, here’s how to get the latest phantom microzark bundle on ff,

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  1. As usual, first login to the free fire game, then open the latest faded wheel event menu on the luck royal ff icon.
  2. After entering the main event page, players can then choose the list of prizes they want to get. Also delete the two lists of unwanted gifts.
  3. Make sure the main prize, namely the Phantom Microzark bundle, is included in the list of desired prizes.
  4. Then just spin until you get the coveted prize. To be able to spin at the event, participants must prepare diamonds.
  5. There is an option to spin once or go straight several times at once. Spin 1x must use 9 diamonds. While the price is for direct spins at once, you can just check the info directly at the event.
  6. Every prize you get can be claimed in the vault feature. Players can spend a lot of diamonds, so prepare beforehand.

Interesting Info New Phantom Microzark Bundle

One of them is the Phantom Microzark Bundle because it looks really cool. Not only that, when used, the bundle is able to issue a number of unique effects and styles. This makes the survivors curious and want to get it. For that, don’t miss the latest faded wheel event in the free fire game. Save the date, and prepare your diamonds from now on. In addition to the Phantom Microzark bundle, there is also a list of other cool prizes at the event, so don’t miss it.

That was an interesting explanation about How to Get Phantom Microzark FF Bundle the latest 2021. Hopefully, the explanation above is clear enough and can be useful. For fans of ff games, don’t miss this cool bundle. Good luck, good luck.

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